Wednesday, January 07, 2009

You’ve let yourself down, you’ve let Sophie Kinsella down, you’ve let the whole bunging world down.

Above is the trailer to Confessions of a Shopaholic, one of my all-time favourite chicklit novels by my literary and feel-good goddess, Sophie Kinsella. The film’s set in New York City as opposed to West London, and, to be quite honest, I can’t honestly say I like what I’m seeing in the adverts.

Let us start with the pro’s –
- They played Disturbia by Rihanna in the trailer. Always a good thing in my eyes. bung bung de dum, bung bung de dum dum.
- They played Grace Kelly by Mika.
- Some of clothes do look lovely.

And the con’s?
- Rebecca bunging Bloomfield is meant to be a slightly ditzy, good-intentioned English girl, not an American! As much as I love Isla Fisher (she was adorable in Definitely, Maybe), I really wanted to see a fresh British face playing Becky Bloomfield.
- Also, Becky worked for a Finance Magazine all the way through, she didn’t get the job just to fund her spending habits.
- Which reminds me, from the advert, they’ve exaggerated Becky’s spending habits. No-one buys underwear that gratuitously.
- I was hoping for the scene where Becky and Luke to have a sexy time to be depicted on celluloid, but, judging from the PG rating, the most we’re gonna be treated to is a half-hearted snog. Disappointing.
- Hugh Dancy is too weedy to play Luke!
- How lame is the part in the trailer where Luke Brandon compliments Becky just because she makes ONE fairly amusing analogy? God’s sake!
- Becky Bloomwood knows her fashion. She doesn’t just throw expensive garishly coloured clothing on for the fun of it.

Eh. I’ll probably go watch this around Valentines’ Day with my girlfriends and I know we’ll have a good larf, but I’m just so down about it all; I really did have visions of the cinematic version of Sophie Kinsella’s novel wining Oscars. It seems that it’s not to be; the trailer is one of the most vacuous things I’ve seen.