Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Oscars nominations and my reaction.

Best Actor: I predicted this 80% correctly, letting my love of Leonardo DiCaprio get in front of logical thinking. I am, however, delighted that his spot went to Richard Jenkins for his moving performance in The Visitor, for he was wonderful.

Best Supporting Actor: Well, Dev Patel wasn’t really support anyway, was he? Another 80% success rate for me.

Best Actress: OK, allow me vent. Where the hell is Sally Hawkins’ nomination? She gave the best female leading performance of the year, she was bright, bubbly, and an utter charm. This isn’t on. Also, no chance of a double for Kate, seeing as she got in for The Reader, and her Golden Globe winning performance in Revolutionary Road wasnae nominated. 60% right.

Best Supporting Actress: Yay for Amy Adams! (though her snub for Enchanted last year is still not forgiven, nor is awarding Rachel bunging Weisz the win over her in 2006, k?) Yay for Viola Davis! Yay for Marisa Tomei! Double yay for Penelope Cruz! My favourite category by far. Plus, with Kate Winslet upgrading to Lead, this category is really exciting now; it's principally Davis vs. Cruz, but Marisa Tomei and Amy Adams are more than in with a chance. 80% right.

Animated Film: I should have known to predict Bolt ahead of Waltz with Bashir. Silly Emmabung. As Bolt might say to the Oscars, "I thought I'd lost you". (poor joke there). 67%.


Direction: Stephen Daldry’s received Oscar nominations for all three of his first three films. Someone up there wants to bung him. 80%.

Adapted Screenplay: 100% success rate!

Original Screenplay: I LOVE that a film as risqué as In Bruges got nominated. And yay for Wall-E love! I’d actually given up hope! Wall-E is the most nominated Pixar movie with 6 nominations, for Screenplay, Score, Sound, Sound Editing, Song and Animated Movie. Eat dirt, Rata-bunging-touille! Anyway, my predictions for this category were crap. 40%.


Film: The Reader got in ahead of The Dark Knight. I don’t mind, despite having not seen The Reader. Looks like it’s Slumdog’s to take. Which, incidentally, is another movie I haven’t seen. Best Picture and Best Director are matched 5 for 5, which last happened in 2006.

As for the other categories: I wanted Deakins to get double nominations but he didn’t, I’m happy for Newman and Desplat and am glad John Williams didn’t get an underserved nomination for his uninspired score to Indiana Jones and the something something. Bizarre that there are only three nominations for Song this year, but I feel oddly smug that Bruce Springsteen’s boring, whiny song that goes over the credits of The Wrestler got snubbed. And yessss to M.I.A. performing O Saya at the Oscars. Werner Herzog getting nominated is lovely. And is it bad that I have practically no interest in watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button? The only draw of it for me is Desplat's score, which I own on iTunes and can listen to whenever I want anyway.

Overall, it was pretty standard. There were more love than I expected for my favourite film of the year, Wall-E, though still not enough. And no nomination for Sally Hawkins is just… ugh.

Some trivia
- Wall-E is the most nominated Pixar movie (don't you forget it, Ratatouille)
- The highest number of posthumous nominations than ever before (Ledger, Minghella, Pollack)
- Doubt is the first movie since I remember Mama and My Man Godfrey to receive four acting nominations and not a Best Pic nod.
- 9 of the 20 acting nominees are Oscar virgins.
- Out of the four leads winning Golden Globes: Colin Farell, Sally Hawkins, Kate Winslet (for Revolutionary Road) and Mickey Rourke, only Rourke received an Oscar nomination for his performance in the same film.
- Brad Pitt's first nomination for thirteen years.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad The Dark Knight was ignored in the Best Picture category!

Besty said...

Why do you feel "oddly smug" about The Wrestler song getting snubbed? I thought it went with the film well and listening to it, I very nearly cried a little.

Twilight was also snubbed. :p

Emma said...

Because it was just a bit of a whiny song! I wayy prefer my High School Musical 3 songs and Jai Ho and The Call and that.

Though I take your point that it suited the depressing style of the movie.

Besty said...

High School Musical 3 has shit songs. The one where Gabriella screams "TROY!" cracked me up. The Wrestler, on the other hand, is an actual song.

And do you even know what Jai Ho and O... Saya are about? :p

Emma said...

Now or Never is the best song on the HSM3 soundtrack! The outburst of Troy also made me lol, but it's amazing. Pure genius.

And who cares what the lyrics are about, they sound catchy!

anahita said...

jai ho is something about victory. so there. and while these aren't quite as shocking as the baftas, I wish there was less love for ccobb. trust me, don't even bother. It's really not that good, lacks emotional impact, is overly long for it's plot line, tries too hard, is a bit disturbing, and although brad was very good, he wasn't good enough to carry all the other negativities through. leonardo di caprio and dev patek were a million times better anyway. The best part of ccobb was the first 10 minutes or so, in which I got shivers and thought, hey maybe this will be good. It was all downhill from there.

Luke said...

Pissed about Hawkins' absence, but thrilled with Leo and Jenkins.

Can't wait to see Slumdog Millionaire and Milk! (Though you've already seen the latter - and Doubt, I see! :P)

Anonymous said...

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Besty said...

Adapted Screenplay: 100% success rate!

That's what you said... to him. :p

Emma said...

I feel like making a really crude sexual joke here, but nah! said...

To my mind every person ought to browse on it.

Hoyt said...

High School Musical 3 has shit songs. The one where Gabriella screams "TROY!" cracked me up. The Wrestler, on the other hand, is an actual song. And do you even know what Jai Ho and O... Saya are about? :p

Emma said...

I don't, no, but they sound nice!