Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's beyond sad that I find this interesting, but...

I was on the bbfc website, looking up their explanation for upcoming movies' ratings, and the consumer information for Frost/Nixon particularly interested me -

FROST/NIXON is a drama based on a true story. The film was passed 15 due to one use of motherf****r.BBFC Policy, informed by extensive consultation with the public, regards this word as too strong for a ‘12A’ classification and as such the ‘15’ was required.The film also contains some archive war footage, including brief sight of injured and dead people, but no detail or blood, as well as two further uses of strong language which would have been acceptable at ‘12A’ in the absence of this stronger term.

So basically, it would have been a 12 if they didn't say that word. Though I'm sure the word was important to the context of the film.

Reading this brought back good ol' memories of being a wide-eyed eight year old, watching Men in Black and being shocked that they said "shit" in it, even though it was just a PG. God, I was sad.

Still am rather sad.

Frost/Nixon will be one of the first movies I watch tomorrow when my exams end, as part of a major and massively overdue movie binge!


anahita said...

frost/nixon is amazing. michael sheen = god. I loved frank langella too, but for me the star was michael. I think I may be seeing slumdog tomorrow, it's the most excited I've been for a film in months!!!

ooh and thanks for introducing me to bbfc. it's entertaining, plus I can check out any violence in a film beforehand, seeing as I cannot cope with most :D xxx

the misomaniac said...

ridiculously well-made movie, though not much of a celebratory end-of-exams-party film.

Besty said...

Yeah, re-watch Blue Velvet first before you wath anything else! :p

Anonymous said...

my winamp has gone either mad, retarded or insane, i don't know. i can't even open it. gah. i don't like windows media player but i'm using it. double gah. anyway, another day of spring cleaning + fasting left. then, jeng jeng jeng, it's already raya. i'm e-ee-excited.