Friday, January 16, 2009

Friends: 1.02, The One with the Sonogram at the End


It’s a time of woe for quite a few of the friends. Monica’s parents, who favour Ross to her and have never made a secret of it, are coming to visit, sending her into a state of tidying like crazy. Rachel has to return her engagement ring to her estranged almost-husband Barry, which she’s only gone and lost in the lasagne. And Ross’s ex-wife Carol, who just happens to be lesbian, drops a bombshell on him; that she’s pregnant and carrying his baby. Monica’s attempt to use this little tidbit in her favour backfires, though.

Writers Marta Kauffman and David Krane set up the 10-year-long on-off romance between Ross and Rachel with the lightest speckles of suggestion; the odd look, an uneasy joke. The younger David Schwimmer and Jennifer Aniston look so cute together, and there are a few gentle laughs to be had in their blossoming romance. Rachel discovers that husband she gilted at the alter has gotten over it pretty quickly, even going on the honeymoon with their maid-of-honour. Their face-off of sorts in the orthodontist’s office in the presence of a young lad getting his teeth checked is very funny. At the same time, Ross is in another health institution, arguing with Carol and her lesbian lover over possible names for their unborn baby. “Everyone will forget the other two names and he’ll get his way,” shouts Susan, regarding Ross wanting the two to have Gellar first in his triple-barrel surname, to which Ross retaliates, “Get my way? You think this is my way?” But all is silenced when the sonogram pops up and we see the little foetus, growing peacefully, and we’re reminded not to squabble over the little things, when there is such a huge amount of beauty out there.



anahita said...

I love monica's frenetic cleaning in this, they make her whole clean thing really exagerated (sp?) in the later seasons but over here it's PERFECT. The one thing I hated in this episode was the way carol and susan treat ross. I mean, I know carol and ross split up, but she doesn't seem to appreciate the fact that it's his baby too. She doesn't even want to include his surname in the baby's unfair as it IS his kid.

and yay, one of my favourite episodes ever is coming up: tow george stephanopoulos :D

Emma said...

I know, Susan was a right cow. As Ross said, she wasn't the one that gave the sperm.