Thursday, January 15, 2009

Friends: 1.01, The Pilot

Revision be damned, it’s time to revisit the very beginning of one of my favourite TV programmes through Secondary School, Friends.


The pilot of Friends first hit our screens over 14 years ago, and it starts with four friends sitting in a coffee shop, Monica being teased about a man she’s planning on going on a date on. Her brother Ross walks in, completely forlorn and dejected following the divorce with his wife, who has moved out of his apartment to live with her lesbian lover. A sixth enters the scene in the most unusual way; Rachel marches into the coffee shop in a wedding dress; she’s just stood her groom at the alter, realising, albeit rather late, that she can’t marry someone she’s not in love with. It sounds cliché and annoying and shouldn’t gel at all, but somehow, it does, and we’ve got a truly enjoyable comedy on our hands. Sure, the laughs are easy and some of the jokes are predictable, but it’s terrific fun, and the six central characters each have things about them that make them loveable. Monica, we suspect, has many bad dates to come, when she goes out with a wine guywho feeds her a story about how his ex-wife bruised him so that he hasn’t had sex for two years. Like a chump, she believes him (most probably cos she wants to), and it’s only after spending the night with him and smiling like a fool about it, that she realises she’s been had. Joey and Chandler (Matt Le Blanc and Matthew Perry) have some amusing banter and the pilot is just a sign of the double act that is to come. Jennifer Aniston captures the slightly-annoying-princess attitude of Rachel, one who gets out daddy's plastic every time she comes across adversity, yet still retaining a cuteness that makes us care about her, and the cutting of credit card scenes works a treat. Phoebe gets some of the funniest lines, so hilarious in their randomness. And David Schimmer as Ross works the hangdog look so well that I felt sorry for him, and smiled happily at the end when, following a sorta-kinda asking Rachel out, he proudly announced, “I’ve just grabbed a spoon”. Yeah he has.



anahita said...

oh my gosh oh my gosh. Friends :D The first few seasons are my absolute favourites, with the 90s clothes and haircuts and the way they're all quite poor and monicas apartment and the friendships and everything :D and chandler in season one is GORGEOUS

Emma said...

YES. Chandler is SO bungable in the early seasons. I would. XD

download movies said...

Friends has got to be one of the best Us Sitcom comedys ever. I'll be sad for this programme to end next year in 2004 because the whole team did such a fantastic effort to put everthing into this series. It was such a great programme and i think it will always will be.