Friday, January 09, 2009

BAFTA's Rising Star Nominees.

Michael Fassbender
Rebecca Hall
Michael Cera
Noel Clarke
Toby Kebbell

Rebecca Hall will probably take this. She's been on the circuit for quite a well now, actually, but I suppose her appearances in Vicky Cristina Barcelona and Frost/Nixon (where, I hear her character doesn't actually do that much in) probably caught the attention of BAFTA voters this year. I'm quite a big Rebecca Hall fan, ever since her character Rebecca in Start for 10 represented everything that I look for in a mate (and also made me realise the folly of my ways in going after just looks in a boy when there's so much more to a person, as demonstrated in Rebcca's character), I've always liked her.

Michael Cera would also be a good choice; was there ever sucha lovable cutie? Although I thought he did more in 2006, his appearance on the list this year could be down to the fact that we get a lot of 2006 releases in early 2007. Noel Clarke's been on quite a lot of TV that I've seen, and he's rather good. I thought Michael Fassbender is a bit of a duff choice; he didn't do much in Eden Lake apart from get tied up and tortured by a bunch of chavs; Kelly Reilly was much, much better. Lastly, Toby Kebell was awesome as the mentally disabled brother in Dead Man's Shoes, but, that was 4 years ago! The only thing he was in this year was RocknRolla, and I don't remember him in it.

Where's Gemma Arterton and Eddie Redmayne? Eh?
So, I predict Rebecca Hall to join Shia Labeouf, Eva Green and James McAvoy in the Hall of Rising Star winners. Yay!


anahita said...

yeah I'm torn between michael cera and rebecca hall too...can't decide!!

Kayleigh said...

Good selection this year, much more spread out. The public will vote for the most popular everytime though, like Shia lst year and Eva because she was in James Bond. Noel C has the Doctor Who edge but Cera has Superbad and Juno. Bleeker for the win!

Emma said...

Oh yeah, that's a point - we're the ones that vote for this!

Dave said...

Yeah, Cera will win. I doubt most people will have heard of the rest. (Arterton would've had a shot. But alas.)

And Fassbender is clearly there for Hunger. Which you should watch.

Emma said...

Oh, OK, I thought it was bizarre to have nominated him for Eden Lake alone.

paul haine said...

I'm hoping for Rebecca Hall. I mean, not hoping that she wins, I'm just hoping for her. Like, as a present.

J.D. said...

Rebecca Hall is divine amazingness.

the misomaniac said...

toby kebbell was johnny quid in rocknrolla. as in, he didnt do much except sit around and look drugged up and pretend to be transfixed by a painting.

Harry W said...

Forever Emmabung!