Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The 10 Best Dressed on Golden Globe night.

01. Anne Hathaway
02. Evan Rachel Wood
03. Amanda Seyfried
04. Zachary Quinto
05. Elizabeth Banks
06. Penelope Cruz
07. Eva Mendez
08. American Ferrera
09. Kate Beckinsale
10. Patrick Dempsey


Anonymous said...

I LOVE Anne's earrings.

Catherine said...

I kind of loved Drew, if I'm being honest. Well, the colour of her dress was gorgeous and her hair made me laugh and it also made me reminisce about all the times my friends and I have got tipsy and back-combed our hair really big, which is always a good thing, and the fact that she was so clearly smoking something before (during?) the show that made her crack up laughing at every available opportunity was just endearing to me.

Sally Hawkins, though...what on earth? Is she in training to play a famine victim or...? And her hair!? She was so pretty in HGL and then she turns up for the Globes looking like that?

anahita said...

I love what anne's wearing far more than I did on critic's choice. and amanda seyfried, beautiful!!