Monday, December 15, 2008

Want to know how I got these ridiculous plots?


The Guardian have listed their eight most ridiculous plots of 2008, with favourites of mine Iron Man, Hancock, Man on Wire and Sex and the City movie all making the cut. But perhaps the most predictable of their choices was their no.1, The Dark Knight. They’ve written –

Wait, so the Joker really orchestrated that big truck chase just so that he could get caught and go to prison, then he could kidnap that guard and grab his phone to make the call to set off the bomb he'd previously sewn inside the henchman in the next cell? That would kill the guy who stole the mobsters' money, thus enabling him to … er, what? Heath Ledger's Joker may have been a psychopath, but he had a nerdish capacity for forward planning.

Yes, well. They have a point. But still, it’s a superhero movie; everything about it’s far-fetched. Like, I really don’t think anyone would have the time, patience or know how to make a tracking device based on the bluetooth in everyone’s mobile phones, now, would they? And if we’re at it, how come The Guardian didn’t list the part where Heath Ledger staggers around for three hours wearing face paint? That’s pretty ridiculous, is it not? Bottom line is The Dark Knight is what it is - a superhero movie with some twists and turns, and as such, it tests the belief a little. But that's what I was looking for in the movie, damnit!


anahita said...

I haven't seen it yet...I have got it though. tbh, I HATE superhero I'm not really looking forward to it...I am looking forward to heath ledger's performance though.

and did you see the golden globe nominations? what did you think? are you excited by a curious case of benjamin "bunny"? cos I think I might be the one person in the world who isn't xxxx

Emma said...

I've been sooooo awful with all the film news this year, I only knew about the golden globes because I saw a friend reading them! I fail! Also, I'm not at all excited about The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. I'm excited about Australia and Milk... and that's about it. :S :S

anahita said...

come oooon...slumdog millionaire and the reader!!! they'll be fabulous!! I'm not sure about autralia...but milk DEFINITELY. sean penn is pretty amazing. xxx

JaZzY said...

I actually watched this film today and although it is a little bit far fetched, like you said, superhero films are not meant to be realistic! I love it anyway and its an excellent film. Heath Ledger is amazing in it :)

Emma said...

I re-watched it recently myself (on Wednesday night), and it was one of the most entertaining things I'd seen for quite a while; we were a satisfied group of 18 and 19-year-olds when it'd finished. :)

paul haine said...

I don't think they've understood The Dark Knight entirely. The Joker just had several plans on the go at once so that if one failed, he could switch easily to another. He didn't set up the entire car chase just so he could get arrested - that'd make no sense. But what he did do was prepare for the possibility that he would be arrested, and that all came together nicely.