Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas Eve!

And for the last advent calendar entry, I've got quite a treat - Amy Adams and Lee Pace singing "If I Didn't Care", from the Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day soundtrack. This song represents epic win on many levels: Adams, Pace, and a song that was played in Shawshank. Oh, love. And here's an adorable snippet to go with it -

On the set of Miss Pettigrew, Adams was so distracted by her costar Lee Pace, outrageously sexy in his role as Adams' brooding love, director Bharat Nalluri had to ask Pace to leave the set so Adams could concentrate. "Lee wasn't working that day, so he was just lounging. He's 6'4", so he's a lot of boy, and he was wearing cowboy boots," she says. "I was kind of staring at him, because he painted such a picture, and the director came over, and I was completely in this land of admiring Lee. And Bharat goes over and tells him, "Can you leave the set? Amy's distracted by your masculinity.' I was so mortified. But he's so much fun, too. He's got such a zest for life. He's a really good actor. So that's my gush about Lee Pace. I hope I'm not blushing."

Source: ELLE March 2008 issue

I'm grinning just reading it.



Besty said...

You, Crouchie, are a Goddess.

Emma said...

Thought you'd be a fan bb!