Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy Endings on Christmas TV.

In participation with J.D.’s Endings Blogathon, I thought I would write about two films that I’ve seen on TV over the festive period, and in particular, their endings. Both films are nice, chirpy comedies that can be classified as feel-good movies, and both films have more in common than initially meets the eye: Shark Tale and Starter for 10.

The former tells the story of Oscar, a little fish in a big, big pond; a "small tuna fish in one big dish". Oscar's an ambitious fish who dreams of making it as a somebody, though at the time being, having to make do with being a whale-washer, a job he despises. He consistently daydreams about being a famous and adored fish to make the reality of his humdrum job more bearable; the only thing keeping him sane through his daily life being his good friend Angie, who, you’ve guessed it, is secretly in love with him.


Starter for 10, on the other hand, tells the story of Brian, a young, naïve and knowledge-thirsty Essex boy and idealistic English student at Bristol in 1980s Britain. Brian’s a lad who’s grew up watching University Challenge, so, when the opportunity arises at Uni for him to go on it, he can’t get to the trials fast enough.

At the trials, he meets Alice, a blonde bombshell who’s been around a bit, and, to copy Nina Simone’s parlance, she puts a spell on him. Brian falls head-over-heels in lust with her coiffed blonde hair, Lolita lips and double D boobs, and, in the process, unintentionally snubs his friend Rebecca, a cultured and witty political activist who has feelings for him.

Meanwhile, in Shark Tale, Oscar, having been caught up in a comedy of errors that has people thinking he’s some super-fish sharkslayer, now has the fame and fortune he’s always craved, as well as the attentions of Lola, a golddigging fish that’s, in fish terms, a bit of a knock-out. Oscar, like Starter for 10’s Brian, immediately goes for the superficial and is reeled in by Lola, and he, like Brian, ends up casting aside his one true friend, Angie.

Some more stuff happens in both films, but, suffice to say, both films end with the two main characters being “found out” – Oscar is discovered to be not the super-fish that everyone perceived him to be, but just a lucky one who was in the right place at the right time, and Brian is caught cheating on University Challenge. Everything that the two characters have worked so hard for is taken from them in one fall swoop, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because, in losing everything that didn’t matter to them, they still have the faithful loyalty of the one thing that really did matter: their friends. Both males made the wrong decision at first: to chase after the charms of the “sexier” females, but, after doing that and failing, and doing some realising (and it take them long enough to realise), they saw that real love was staring them in the eye. Oscar finds his Angie, Brian finds his Rebecca, and they all lived happily ever after.


J.D. said...

God, Starter for 10 is such a charming movie. But maybe I'm just biased for a film that has James McAvoy and Rebecca Hall en amour. Sigh.

anahita said...

I wanted to see starter for 10 so badly...but I missed it...ended up watching james mcavoy in narnia instead...which btw I loved :D sounds really great, and I love how you've drawn similarities between shark's tale and starter for 10, I would never have thought they had anything in common!!

Emma said...

Heehee, part of the reason it was so easy to spot the similarities was because I realised it kidna applied to me. =D