Friday, December 19, 2008

The Great Gatsby.

Listen up, y’all. Baz Luhrmann has picked up the rights to direct The Great Gatsby, saying that the novel parallels the economic downturn we’re currently experiencing.


Am personally quite excited about this. The Great Gatsby is one of my favourite novels (despite studying it to a point of exhaustion in GCSE Eng. Lit), and I’m interested in the visual, sensual edge that he’ll bring to the film.

So, any thoughts about casting? The instinctive answer will probably be that he’ll cast Nicole Kidman as Daisy, but I’m really not a fan of this idea. She’s far too old to play Daisy, far too learned, and one of the whole points about Daisy’s personality is that she was a free, naïve and selfish being. I don’t mind if Nicole Kidman has a little cameo, where she comes in in a $500,000 Chanel dress, but srsly, not her as Daisy.

(That said, an even bigger nightmare would be Scarlett Johansson as Daisy. Which could well happen, in order to try and reel in the box office. God’s sake.)

However, how does the idea of Lee Pace (off Pushing Daisies) as Nick sound? I mean… yes yes? Look, he wants it too!

So, some off-the-cuff casting
Nick – Lee Pace
Gatz – James Marsden
Daisy – Amy Adams
Jordan – Rachel McAdams


monkey said...

adams is too sweet to play a bitch like daisy

but woo! :)

monkey said...


lee pace was so good in "the fall". you seen it?

anahita said...

hmmn, if you want someone innocent yet able to play bitchy, scarlet actually sounds just she was good in vicky cristina she might be able to pull it off. I've never read the book though so I don't know much about the actual role. although I can say that baz luhrmann does seem to have a thing for nicole kidman, so who knows what will happen? xxx

Besty said...

What about Anne Hathaway as Jordan, and Emily Blunt with an American accent as Daisy? The Devil Wears Prada girls re-united! Might as well slip Meryl Streep a role...

Kayleigh said...

Hmmm, innocent yet bitchy...I'd say Amy Adams could do that, although Maggie Gyllenhaal wouls also be great. I adore Luhrmann so I'll watch anything he does. Lee Pace is such a freaking cutie! Do you like Pushing Daisies? Can't believe they've cancelled it! *cries*

anahita said...

oooh, maggie gyllenhaal, I love her!! yeah, her above scarlett, definitely!!

paul haine said...

Hm, I got very, very bored with The Great Gatbsy at A-Level, but I do love Lee Pace. Also, I love every Baz Lurhman film so far though apparently Australia is rubbish. Hmm. Might have to wait for a trailer or two before I commit either way.

The Fall is superb.

Marcy said...

I just finished reading The Great Gatsby in English. I didn't absolutely adore it. We also watched clips of the 70s adaptation and it was terrible.

But I do think Luhrmann will make an interesting film. Lee Pace looks a bit like Sam Waterston from the 70s adaptation (he played Nick).

That said, I think Marsden is an interesting choice for Gatsby. Adams can pull the naivete in Daisy, but I can't completely imagine her as a bitch. Perhaps McAdams would make a better Daisy? I'm convinced almost anyone can be a better Daisy than Mia Farrow.

I think Maggie Gyllenhaal would make an excellent Jordan, though. In fact, I don't think I can think of a better contender for the role.

How about Tom and Myrtle?

Emma said...

@ Sina: Regarding Adam's innocence/likability, yeah, I know, this role would certainly be a challenge for her. But it would be good not to be typecast!

And I haven't yet seen The Fall, but I have it downloaded on my laptop, ready for viewing!

@ Marcy: I was thinking Scarlett Johansson as the whiny Myrtle, and how about someone like Keifer Sutherland or Peter Krause as Tom? Too old?

Emma said...

Oooh, and as for Pushing Daisies, I caught the first few episodes, up until ITV sort of didn't show one episode, after which, I had my exams and I just wasn't able to keep up with the show. It was a massive pity because I *really* enjoyed it. :(

paul haine said...

"And I haven't yet seen The Fall, but I have it downloaded on my laptop, ready for viewing!"

Pfft. A film like The Fall needs to be seen on a BIG SCREEN.

Emma said...

I'm sure you're right, but I just don't have the time or the money to go to the cinema to see every 2008 release!