Sunday, December 21, 2008


favourite singles of 2008

I was embarrassingly behind on my pop music in 2008, chiefly because the station that I’d been listening to for everyday since I was about 12 – capital fm, had been traded in for classic fm during weekdays and radio fivelive on the weekends. Hence, I heard no pop music on the radio, and any recents songs I did come across were via the net, or recommendations from friends.  A lot of the songs I like from this year I normally wouldn’t, it’s mainly the memories that go with them that make them so appealing to me!

Thus, I ask for forgiveness for some of the slightly naff choices this year. I haven’t been alert enough to be pickier! (Those that have been played on mass rotation at Elements in Bath are marked with a *)

25 Creator (Santogold)
24 Shake It (Metro Station)
23 Low (Flo Rida Ft. T-Pain) * [oh dear…]
22 Don’t Speak French (Girls Aloud)
21 Single Ladies (Beyonce)
20 Human (The Killers)
19 Nude (Radiohead)
18 Rolex (Wiley) *
17 Warwick Avenue (Duffy)
16 Lovers Who Uncover (The Little Ones)
15 The Promise (Girls Aloud)
14 Rockstar (Nickelback) *
13 Heartless (Kanye West)
12 American Boy (Estelle ft. Kanye West) *
11 4 Minutes (Madonna ft. Justin Timberlake) *
10 Sex on Fire (Kings of Leon)
9 Chasing Pavements (Adele)

8 Disturbia (Rihanna) *
Bung bung de dum, bung bung de dum dum. ’Nuff said.

7 Mercy (Duffy) *
A great year for the hugely likable Duffy, begun with this, her best song. Easy to understand lyrics, catchy beats, and perfect to grab your hairbrush and song along to.

6 Dance wiv Me (Dizzee Rascal ft Calvin Harris) *
Oh dear. Such a chavvy song, complete with trackie bottoms and cockney rhyming slang. Yet, I just can’t help but love it.

5 Love Lockdown (Kanye West) *
The absolute fave of my male friends, I’ve heard this well over 100 times this year. Along with Homecoming, perfect for doing some lol-tacular Kanye West impressions to.

4 Hands out the Cookie Jar (Gym Class Heroes) *
It’s a bit simple and a bit obvious, not to mention the fact that the lines “I want to be faithful but I can’t keep my hands out the cookie jar” being a bit contradictory, but still, catchy and good to dance to.

3 The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room (Flight of the Concords)
The music vid’s a bit questionable, but the song itself is lovely; mellow, diffident and moving.

2 Make You Feel My Love (Adele)
One of the most beautiful love songs ever written, I really connect with it.

1 Paper Planes (M.I.A.) *
Such a love it/hate it song. My friend Ben says it’s a trashy mess with just a lot of random guns sounds, some of my other friends have it as their ringtones and go crazy every time it’s played. I fall firmly in the latter category; I only watched Pineapple Express because this song was played in the trailer! M.I.A. is a genius for mixing The Clash, deep lyrics that I can live my life by ("I fly like paper, get high like planes, if you catch me at the border I've got visas in my name") with her own unique style to deliver a political, upbeat, funny, disturbing and weird song. M.I.A.'s a Goddess!

Haha, looking back at this, it’s made me realise that I would know very little about music this year if I didn’t go to all those Flirt and Comeplay parties! One song that I’ve heard more than any other at Bath, that didn’t make the list, however is I Kissed a Girl by Katy Perry. It just effs me off more than anything. Same with The Ting Tings’ That’s Not My Name. No amount of drunken dancing can convince me that those two are good songs.


Jason said...

Not more Kanye West obsessing. I remember when we first saw the trailer to Jarhead and you were fixated with "Jesus Walks" because they played it in the trailer...

Maria said...

I like American Boy a lot. I prefer songs which feature Kanye West more than ones he sings, like American Boy and Number One.

Emma said...

I am in a deep phrase of Kanye West obsessing actually, Jason! I've been singing Homecoming, Love Lockdown and Welcome to the Heartbreak all morning!

Also, ironically, I just had a listen to Extravaganza by Jamie Foxx, which has got a Kanye rap on it!

anahita said...

I once kissed my friend - on the top of the head for god's sakes - as I was leaving school, and "I kissed a girl" was sung at me by all the boys in the room. such an ANNOYING song.

the misomaniac said...

MIA using the guitar riff from "straight to hell" makes me really sad and annoyed. and thats about it...

Emma said...

Yeah, people get so juvenile when it comes to that song; trying to match the song lyrics to every girl in the hope of catching some lesbian action. They wish.

Anonymous said...

Nothing from Britney Spears? I thought it was a good year for her.

Maria said...

No Heartbreaker, Emma?