Friday, December 19, 2008

Day 19.


Another Christmas song today, sung by the ethereal voice of Joni Mitchell.


monkey said...


Emma said...

Yeah we do!

I'm currently doing a bit of MA10003 revision, but I'll come on MSN at 12 on the dot and we can have a major catch-up! *looks forward to*

monkey said...

ma10003? huh?

you're so studious, emmabung.

anyway, looking forward to it

Emma said...

Lol, trust me, studious I bunging ain't! It's just that at Bath, we have exams in January and I pissed about way too much in my first semester and it's only just hit me, bung!

MA10003 is the Integration and Differential Equations module. Don't ask!

See you online at 12!

monkey said...

not long now before i have a much-needed catch-up with my emmabung!

monkey said...

3 minutes now

Emma said...

Bung, how did I miss this?

You were keen!

Good to have the catch up though. ♥