Monday, July 21, 2008

So, I’ve started watching Big Brother recently…

(Yeah, I know. But honestly, without school and seeing as I have no job, there’s literally nothing to do!)
These are my brief thoughts on each of the housemates:

Luke – he likes to stir, but I’m pleasantly entertained by him and his campness.
Rachel – I really like her. I know a lot of the housemates don’t trust her due to her tendency to sit on the fence, but having a nice person is what the house needs.
Sara – I’ve not seen enough from her to form a judgement yet
Stuart – I’m definitely liking him more now that Jen’s left. Not entirely sure if those tears in the Diary Room were geniune though.
Mo – a bit greedy, a bit bland
Mikey – hehe, I really like him! Watching him rant about being in hell last week was really entertaining
Rebecca - I can’t stand her. Whiny, loud, and just a spoilt brat in general. Although it did give me a huge amount of glee to see how depressed she was to be in Hell.
Maysoon – so dull.
Kat – great fun and can be really sweet, but sometimes goes too over the top with her singing and constant happiness.
Darnell – I’m starting to go off him, truth be told. He got too drunk with power at being elected Head of House, and needs to control his temper.
Rex – sarcastic and entertaining, but I don’t particularly like him
Dale – have a bit of a crush on him. Is definitely a better person now that Jen’s left.
Lisa – a bit boring, but a hard worker that never complains.


Naomi said...

Rex is my favourite. He's so funny and just takes the piss all the time. Plus he's said if he wins he'll give the money to charity.

I HATE Mikey. He's such a brat. Him complaining about not getting chocolate was pathetic.

Besty said...

Maysoon to win!

Oh, wait...

E. said...

She was a bore!

Luke to go out tonight.