Friday, June 13, 2008

Who were your favourite acts from the semi finals in Britain’s Got Talent?

This is when my past few weeks of not being online catches up with me and I blog excessively. The semi-finals of Britain's Got Talent were shown when it was my half term, and basically, I'd watch it everyday after doing some revision. And it was so entertaining! I loved everything about it, even though most of the acts were beyond naff. The judges' reactions were priceless sometimes.

So, I wanna know, from the 40 acts that performed in the semi-finals, or of any that you saw on Britain’s Got Talent, who was your favourite?

Here are mine:
01. George Sampson.

Simon described him as the “dancing version of Rocky”, which scared me a little as a I hate Rocky, but yes, in the sense that he persevered and came back, he kind of is like Rocky. And I’m so glad he triumphed.

02. Escala.

I wasn’t so sure on their piece in the semi-final, but I thought they played Palladio AMAZINGLY. And they matched so well!

03. Signature.

Just bloody wonderful. I love the piece they danced to as well, it bungs a bit of Under Pressure and Billie Jean together. You can download it here.

04. Vizage.

Yeah, the singing was crud, but I really am still amazed at how she changes so quickly! (If someone knows the secret of the quick change act, tell me!)

05. That keepy-uppy guy.
(even though he dropped the ball twice)

The worst were probably:
Anya Sparks, the pervy magicians, Madonna DiCena (way to play the sob story card), Star Wars guy (LOLZ), Cheeky Monkeys, and Per Diem.


Besty said...

So you didn't actually watch any films in a month's time?

I liked-
Signature, Faryll Smith, Nemisis, Jeremy Lynch (because he's a Gooner and his surname's Lynch) :p

I hated -
That shit "comedian", Urban Gypsies, Madonna "I've got two children" DeCena, Anya Sparks

anahita said...

wait...who's anya sparks? the name rings a bell...but I jus' can't remember...

I loved george sampson, Faryll Smith, Signature and Escala.

I hate the pervy magicians too, plus I thought Per Diem, while not completely awful, were complete sore losers.

oooh and emma, I saw brokeback mountain!!!

and how can you still have d2 left?? oh, wait, what exam board do you use? xx

Emma said...

Anya Sparks was that slightly overweight woman who danced to some Beyonce song. She literally was rubbish!!

I have D2 same day as M2. I'm on OCR MEI, which is like a strand of OCR, but annoying.

What did you think of Brokeback Mountain?

And totally agreed about Per Diem being sore losers. They got two buzzers, and one of the guys just looked SOOOO pissed off, like he wanted to kill Simon and Amanda! It was hilarious!

I loved the booing. The Deans of Magic got booed so much!

anahita said...

ugh I thought the booing was a bit awkward and mean actually...but some of them did deserve it!!

oooh anya sparks!! yeah she was crap lol.

brokeback mountain...well...all of the aspects of the movie, acting cinematography, music (the wings is one of my favourite pieces of film music) were all perfect. Also, when watching it, and you get to the bit where Ennis and Jack see each other at Ennis' house (when his wife sees them kissing), and ennis grabs jack and kisses him, I was so surprised, because I thought I'd be a bit weirded out, and feel uncomfortable. However, I thought that scene was so sweet and passionate, and I got that fuzzy feeling in my tummy, and I was going "aww" in my head, exactly as I do for all other romances. I think that's a testament to Ang Lee's directing, as well as the boy's acting and everything, that he managed to portray their relationship as passionate and romantic, rather than a stereotypuical "gay cowboy" type thing. So in that aspect it was great. However, parts of the film did seem to drag, and sometimes it did feel a little flat; judging it as a romance film, it's not the best I've seen, I way prefered Romeo + Juliet, for example. I dunno, I did watch it in bits and pieces between revision on my computer, so that may have been part of the reason. Maybe if I watch it again, I'll get more into it. Ultimately, it's definitely a top 100 movie for me, but not a top 20 or anything.

oooh and there was this bit where the two of them jump into a lake where you could see EVERYTHING waving about, which made me go bright red. so yeah. that was the only uncomfortable bit lol xxx

Emma said...

Isn't The Wings just gorgeous?

I'm so glad you liked it at least. (My parents are both very conservative Chinese types and hated it). And oh God, that kiss really did it for me. But then again, I LOVE gay kisses (I even write football slash, occasionally!) If you do get the chance to again, do try to see it as a whole.

Emma said...

Oooh and I love Romeo + Juliet as well, and think that's one of the sexiest movies ever. Leo! ♥

anahita said...

romeo + juliet is my second favourite film ever, after pirates of the caribbean (I know I know lol), followed closely by atonement. It was incredibly gorgeous, reinstated leo as my favourite actor, and had me literally sobbing - extremely rare, usually I just get tears in my eyes - despite the fact that I was sitting in front of a computer screen. Wonderful film.

Emma said...

I know... it's amazing. I first saw it with my English class when we were studying Romeo and Juliet for English lit GCSE, and it just compelely blew me away! The acting, the cinematography, and God, that soundtrack! It's one of my favourites of all time too, one of the coolest, most romantic movies shot.

Kayleigh said...

Yay for BBM and R&J! I think that BBM is one of the greatest romances written and filmed in recent times (I've read Proulx's short story so many times I can recite parts of it.)
I really can't stand reality TV shows, but the violin girls and that weird Michael Jackson dancing thing were brilliant. Most of my TV time is taken up by QI and Whose Line nowadays.

WatchingStar said...

I love the top three. I've been following BGT on YouTube. I think the best quick change artist (There's been one in the US and Aus too) was the US ones. Their song choice, timing and charisma was perfect! (And they didn't sing! Yay!)