Saturday, May 03, 2008



How could you do this to yourselves, London?


anahita said...

loooool, you and my brother would get along...he hates him too.

oooh, "Johnson is London Mayor" is flashing across my BBC ticker.


Anonymous said...

Sad day.

anahita said...

you know what's worse? the frickin' BNP got a seat of some sort. 69 000 morons actually voted for them *rolls eyes*

Catherine said...

Maybe 4 years of a racist buffoon as Mayor will convince the electorate that voting Tory is a bad idea in the next general election.

Kayleigh said...

I dont have any strong political views but Boris just looks like a really crazy man I wouldn't want him in power. The BNP should be set on fire or lynched, see how they like being the target of racial abuse for once.