Monday, May 05, 2008

The Monday Mmmm.

OK, so Hayden Christensen's not the best actor ever (v.g. in Shattered Glass but lol-inducing in just about everything else, especiall the Stars Wars movies), but, look how pretty!

Saturday, May 03, 2008



How could you do this to yourselves, London?

Friday, May 02, 2008

The relationships in gossip girl: a guide.

Scan taken from New York mag.


The American Cool Teens Annoying-o-Meter

just a girl's post on Miley Cyrus got me thinking about just how much I dislike those manufactured, over-smiley American “actresses” who try to do everything from act to sing to model, and do everything poorly.

So I decided to rank them, from my least despised, to most despised.

The good
- Blake Lively
She’s probably too old to be considered in this category, but the first film I saw with Blake Lively was The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, where she played a teenager. I’ve mainly seen Lively in TV’s Gossip Girl, where she plays Serena to perfection; obviously, she’s a little different from the book’s version of her character, but she totally shines and is the perfect foil to Leighton Meester’s more catty Blair.

- Amanda Bynes
She’s not the world’s most talented actress, but in just about everything I’ve seen her in, she’s been watchable and sometimes even likeable

- Alison Pill

The acceptable
- Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen
Neither of these two have screen charisma or talent (let’s face it, they only became famous because their parents propelled them into fame early), but I used to watch “So Little Time” religiously. It was quite a sweet show. So, for that, I don’t hate the twins.

- Mischa Barton
She's OK, I guess.

The terrible
- Miley Cyrus
There’s just no point to her.

- Lindsay Lohan
She’s actually quite a good actress – Mean Girls, Bobby, etc, but LiLo just keeps throwing away any good qualities she has and just going on bingedrinking parties and slumming it in North London with Callum Best. Not the best way to behave when you claim to want a career.

- Hilary Duff
Her surname says it all. Everytime I see Lizzie McGuire on the TV, I just want to throw something at someone. She’s the cheesiest, blandest actress ever. I loathe her.

- Emma Watson
I know she’s not American but… I couldn’t resist.

In case anyone was wondering...

This is me -


memorable kiss #4.

Ross & Rachel, season 1 of Friends. So precious.

memorable kiss #3

Hugh Jackman & Nicole Kidman, 2008's Australia.

I'm really looking forward to this movie.

memorable kiss #2.


Tim & Dawn, The Office.

memorable kiss #1.

Sawyer & Kate, Lost.