Saturday, March 22, 2008

A poem I wrote once.

(inspired by Charles Darwin)


All new ideas are treated with suspicion.
People just do not appreciate being told that
They are wrong,
Regardless of the facts.

Preposterous. Pagan. Infantile.
Just a few of the names hurled
At the theory.
They are some of the milder ones.

He wonders if he should just give up.
Nobody believes him anyway.
So much research, writing, thinking
All thrown back in his face.

His brain urges him to go on.
Mankind were descended from the ape.
It’s true. They must know.
Science must prevail.

Even if it’s not respected now
He will spread the word.
His theories, the facts.
Nothing but the facts.

The world will thank him someday.



Hmm, I probably shouldn't quit my day job, right?

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