Friday, February 29, 2008

What can’t you watch? (content wise.)

I think I’m fairly OK with most movies, but I try to avoid excessive gore and sadistic violence (like in Hostel and Saw). Self-harm and mutilation and all that give me nightmares too. Rape and bullying/exploitation of people with mental disorders (like in Dead Man’s Shoes) or general ganging up on a person (like in Dogville) really makes me uncomfortable too, so I try to stay clear of that too. And, whilst I like a good romantic love scene as much as the next teenage girl, sex for sex’s sake – forceful, unromantic and overly revealing sex scenes don’t do it for me either. I’m alright on anything sweary, really; there’s nothing I hear in 18-rated films that I don’t hear in Sixth form, and as for drugs, I can stomach most drug-taking scenes, but particularly degrading scenes – like in Requiem for a Dream – make me shudder.

How about you?


Besty said...

Anything that was in that piece of shit A Hole in My Heart.

Banana Raccoon said...

Hi Martin!

Oh yeah. Gulp. I've never seen that movie, and, hearing the plot synopsis, I never want to. Eww.

Naomi said...

I've never yet discovered something that I can't watch. I like to push myself, to see how much I can take, and I've never found my limit. That's not to say that I don't find some things deeply upsetting, but it wouldn't stop me watching a film.

I liked A Hole in My Heart! But then I'm a big fan of Moodysson, so it's to be expected. If you want to try Moodysson, watch Show Me Love. It's been one of my favourites since I was 13 - an absolutely beautiful film.

paul haine said...

Throwing up.

anahita said...

I can't stand violence...even stuff in Atonement and Pan's Labyrinth I couldn't watch...I had to cover up my eyes. Swearing is fine...the more vulgar stuff in Taxi Driver was a bit uncomfortable, but it wouldn't stop me from watching it - it's not really a big deal. And I've never really pushed myself as regard to sex scenes, but as long as I'm not with my parents, I think I'd be OK. As long as it wasn't full frontal nudity for guys. ewwwwww...

and then really tightly wound up films like Psycho I love. But I tried to watch the Innocents the other night, got half way through and was terrified, switched it off :) I will watch it one day, but perhaps in a protective atmosphere like a sleepover. And after that I'll be afraid to go in the dark for a few weeks. But it's a price worth paying.

Kayleigh said...

I can't stand extreme and unnecessary violence (like Saw and Hostel - what is the point of them?) or very extreme mutilation (like Se7en. I was 11 when I first saw that film and it still scares me to this day.) I love a lot of films that have very uncomfortable scenes like American Psycho and Pan's Labyrinth. I couldn't believe it when I saw that scene in the latter with the bottle to the face. Very effective and squirm inducing. I don't mind drug taking in films, it's the after effects that scare me (the baby on the ceiling in Trainspotting, the gangrene arm in Requiem For A Dream)

Catherine said...

I'm not really great with scenes involving eyeballs (the part of The Diving Bell, where he's getting his eye sown shut and we get a first-person view...shudder) and general sexual violence/rape. Although, I will probably watch most things, if they're done for the right reason. If it's senseless violence for the sake of it, I'm not a fan.

Sex, drugs and swearing I'm usually fine with, as long as I'm on my own. Watching with parents..nah.

Luke said...

"general ganging up on a person (like in Dogville) really makes me uncomfortable"

You actually, like, sympathise with Nicole Kidman?! Whatever next! You might start liking Natalie Portman? :D

Woodstock said...

parodies nowadays bore the hell outta me, why are they even made?

i hate CGI feats such as "transformers", lazy literary adaptations like "the golden compass" and the latest harry potter, and antropormophized animals!! oh those i dread the most.

anything with will smith makes me either yawn or laugh really hard when i shouldn't.

and i hate to see tom cruise forcing his brains trying to act.

Adele said...

im really the same as u really... i dont like sex scenes for the sake of it with ridiculous stuff... and i cant watch saw or hostel either... im usually ok with watching death and stuff but yesterday I watched Zodiac and i reallyyy didnt want to see anyone die.x

Anonymous said...

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· Rubble - Fill; unsquared stone not laid in courses.
· Rustication - Worked ashlar stone with the faces left rough.
· Salient - Wall projection, arrowhead.
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· Sally-port - Small heavily fortified side door from which the defenders can rush out, strike, and retire.
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· Set back/off - Ledge on wall face.
· Shaft - Narrow column.
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· Sill - Lower horizontal face of an opening.
· Sleeper - Lowest horizontal timber (or low wall).
· Soffit - Underside of arch, hung parapet, or opening.
· Solar - Upper living room , often over the great hall; the lord's private living room.
· Spandrel - Area between top of a column or pier and the apex of the arch springing from it.
· Splay - Chamfer, or sloping face.
· Spring - Level at which the springers (voussoirs) of an arch rise from their supports.
· Squint - Observation hole in wall or room.
· Stepped - Recessed in a series of ledges.
· Steyned - Lined (like in a well).
· Stockade - Solid fence of heavy timbers.
· Stringcourse - Continuous horizontal moulding on wallface.
· Tau cross - Plain T cross with equal limbs.
· Tooth-in - Stones removed (or omitted) to allow another wall to be bonded into it.
· Tracery - Intersecting ribwork in upper part of window.
· Transom - Horizontal division of window; crossbar.
· Trefoil - Three-lobed.
· Truss - A timber frame used to support the roof over the great hall.
· Tufa - Cellular rock; porous limestone.
· Turning bridge - A drawbridge that pivots in the middle.
· Turret - Small tower, round or polygonal; usually a lookout.
· Tympanum - Space between lintel and arch over doorway.
· Vault - Stone roofing.
· Vitrified - Material reduced to glass by extreme heat.
· Volute - Spiral scroll at angle of a capital.
· Voussoir - Wedge-shaped stones in arch.
· Wall-plate - Horizontal roof-timber on wall-top.
· Wall-stair - Staircase built into the thickness of a wall.
· Wall-walk - Passage along castle wall; may be roofed.
· Water-leaf - Plain broad leaf moulding.
· Wattle - A mat of woven (willow) sticks and weeds; used in wall and dike construction.
· Wave - Sinuous moulding.
· Weathering - Sloping surface to throw off rainwater.
· Wicket - Person-sized door set into the main gate door.
· Wing-wall - Wall downslope of motte to protect stairway.
· Yett - Iron lattice gate.

edward said...

I know it’s a half a week after the event, but I don’t have Sky, OK? Blame them, not me!

Emma said...

Fuck off, Martin!

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