Tuesday, February 05, 2008

A Look Ahead to Best Animated Film.

I am actually in the least filmic mood ever (not at all made better by Empire's joke of nominations), so this’ll be short.

01. Persepolis
This was a very good film. Deep, mature and moving, I really enjoyed it. A-.

02. Ratatouille
Now, I consider myself a huge Pixar fan, but I really couldn’t force myself to fall in love with Ratatouille like most cinemagoers did. Whilst I recognise that it was beautifully formed, with detailed drawings of scenary and rats yada yada, I still came out of the cinema feeling like it was a meal that had left me short-changed and still hungry. (Rolling with the Empire contempt at the moment, they named Rat. as their 2nd best Disney film. Are you having' a laff.) B.

03. Surf’s UpAre you havin’ a laff? Are you havin’ a laff? Are you havin’ a laff? I'm sick of penguins now, I really am. D.

Should: Persepolis
Will: Ratatouille
Where’s their nomination: Simpsons

Told you it’d be short. Personal problems. Might update later.


Besty said...

You all right Emz? You seem a bit venemous today.

Banana Raccoon said...

Lol, sorry about that, I was actually more busy than annoyed. And also, I don't care about this category that match because I know that the deserved winner won't walk home with the award, and Pixar shalll triumph. So I didn't really see the point in saying any more than that, really!

Banana Raccoon said...

*that much.

[Needs to stop thinking about the Tottenham-slash that she's writing]

Kayleigh said...

The Academy are obsessed with penguins, it's sickening. The Simpsons should be in there too, did Spiderpig mean nothing to these people?
Yeah the Empire Awards are a bit of a disappointment as I have ranted about yesterday, i did have a good giggle though when someone posted anonymously on my blog that Emma Watson was a phenomenal actress and I knew nothing about acting. Some kids...

The Traipsing Gypsy said...

You know I love you. But I love you more now that you're writing that Tottenham slash =)

Anything wrong, darling? You can tell me on Facebook or my blog, I'm always around =) It's okay even if you don't tell me...just want you to know I'm here.

Can't wait for that slash...will definitely LOVE it! =D

Maynard and or Lando and or Bada and or Patrick said...

If The Simpsons Movie got nominated I may have had to murder myself. It was a 2/10 at best.

anahita said...

lmao...I love your blog: "I'm sick of penguins now, I really am."

lmao. made my day :P ratatouille is a way better film VISUALLY...but personall, I feel persepolis's story is waaaay more deserving...as a film it's better. it depends what they're gonna look for.

Adele said...

i havent seen Persepolis or Ratatouille but I think Surfs up is hilarious and great!

Besty said...

Tottenham slash? *shudders*

Let me guess, Keane and Berbatov?


anahita said...

ooh my gosh emma...is pinnochio the best disney film!!?? urgh...it was so preachy and awful.

Woodstock said...

pixar and its animals mostly bore the hell outta me but i loved ratatouille.
i'm dying to see persepolis.
and i didn't care to approach surf's up poster. can't believe they dumped the simpsons movie for another penguin crap.

Kayleigh said...

The best Disney films are The Lion King, The Jungle Book and maybe Mulan. But not Pinocchio! It's so cheesy I could smell the stilton.