Friday, February 22, 2008

Have you ever been this obsessed?

Yesterday’s episode of Skins was one of the best I’ve seen. It revolved around a stalking teenage girl (Lucy, nickname Sketch), who is absolutely besotted with the show’s hottie, Maxxie (pictured), who happens to be gay. Her obsession with him, and the steps she takes to get close to him are really quite disturbing, even though they are hilarious to watch. For example:
- Her bedroom wall is plastered with photos of him.
- She tells her disabled mother, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, that she is “dating” Maxxie.
- We see her bandage up her boobs, because she believes that makes her more like a boy.
- She watches jealously as Maxxie kisses Michelle when they’re rehearsing for the school play, and in jealously she drops a stage light, so that it almost hits Michelle.
- She picks the lock into Maxxie’s house, goes into his bedroom, lies on his bed and gives herself a little treat, and then spends the night lying under his bed.
- She makes up a lie about being sexually harassed by the school play director, (played by Shane Ritchie) after he won’t give the lead to her.
- She gives Michelle pills to make her vomit so that she can take the lead in the school play.
- After Maxxie has told her where to go, she sleeps with his best friend Anwar, so that she can still get closer to him.

(I mean, honestly. The most obsessive thing I’ve ever done is get on the same bus as the boy I liked.)

Despite all of this, I actually felt a ridiculous amount of sympathy toward Sketch. She has all the symptoms of a textbook stalker – a bed bound mother, poor social skills, and a tendency to tell fibs, but I actually emphasised with her. I think we all know what it feels like to have loved/think we’re in love with someone who doesn’t know we exist, Sketch just went about her crush in a really disturbing way. The fact that she went dressed as Hannibal Lecter in the school’s Oscar-themed party obviously did her no favours, but I find her an interesting character that I hope to see more from.

I was thinking about it, and that episode of Skins is probably one of the best depictions of obsession/mental delusion I’ve ever seen. Come to think of it I actually can’t think of any films about obsession that I particularly enjoyed, aside from Misery, The King of Comedy (Sandra Bernhard trying to seduce Jerry Lewis… shudder) and Fatal Attraction (which I appreciate infinitely more now having watched Damages and been terrified by Glen Close in that), which has got to be the best obsessive-psycho movie ever. Vertigo is also a great depiction of obsession, but, whilstit's a great movie, I don't enjoy it as much as I do practically every other Hitchcock movie. I don't know why.

But Skins >>>>>>>> them all.


Anonymous said...

I didn't feel as sympathetic as you. Her actions could have really dented that teacher's career. (Admittedly he was a pervert)

I do enjoy Skins though, it's so much better than Eastenders and Hollyoaks

paul haine said...

I had a stalker once. It's not nearly as much fun as you might imagine.

Anonymous said...

I wish someone would stalk me. Chance would be a fine thing

Cal said...

I loved the dark comedy in the episode too, some moments were hilarious. Shane Richie was great in it too...

"Rear Window" for me, is a film about an obsession, and I love it. Not quite the same obsession though

Adele said...

I thought this episode was fantastic! One of the best... I totally felt for Sketch aswell... & Maxie just seemed the perfect character someone would want to stalk lol. If that makes sence. When I first watched it i felt really really sad for her cus like you said... we have all felt the love for someone who doesnt no you exist. (I have also got on the same bus as a guy i was crushing on lol) btu when i watched it again i desided she was a total weirdo! but fantastic character. and look forward to see more of her... good actress 2.x

Catherine said...

Lots of films are about obsession, when you think about it. All About Eve, perhaps, could nudge into that category.

I don't watch Skins, but the idea of somebody going to a fancy dress party as Hannibal Lecter is appealing to me. How'd they pull that off? I'd love to convince a friend to go to one with me a a Lecter/Clarice Starling duo. That'd be kinda amazing...especially if you threw Buffalo Bill into the mix.

Darwin said...

When I saw that Sketch girl I thought of the song "Every step you take." The scene where she lied about Shane Richie touching her first rate comedy.

Asian Rocxs said...

skins is brill and so different! so much more unique than other teeny programs like hollyoaks. Maxxie is gawjus... his dance in the first episode!

WatchingStar said...

Haven't watched Skins but there's an awesome Aussie mini series called 'The Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant' which centres around not only her escape from Botany Bay but Lt. Clarkes obsession with her.