Friday, February 15, 2008

11 Random Thoughts I had last Night whilst watching Skins.

01. That opening dance sequence reminded me of the “Getcha Head in the Game” bit in High School Musical.
02. Post-bus crash, Nicolas’ Hoult’s character has now pretty much lost his memory and all his mental capacity. If you remember how much of a dickhead he was to his “best mate” Sid and girlfriend Michelle last season, you would think it’s deserved. Yet somehow, those gits who produce the show have got me feeling grudgingly sympathetic towards Tony!
03. The girl who looks like Anna Paquin – Effy, Tony’s sister, who barely said a word last season, can speak!
04. Cassie! Yay.
05. That bit with the dirty joke started our cringeworthingly, but then got quite pitiful.
06. The apologetic cake spelt “SORY” evoked a few lolls.
07. Maxxie can dance really well.
08. The girls in this show are such sluts! Effy is like the biggest Lolita ever, Michelle is not a belle, and even frigid Jal was getting some at the party!
09. Is it wrong that I completely savoured that part where Maxxie was kissing that chav?
10. They played “Limit to Your Love” by Feist. Lovely.
11. Maxxie is a genuinely nice person.

Overall comments? Outrageous, stylised, clever and moving in parts. Thursday nights have gotten exciting.


anahita said...

*blinks* woooow it seemes a fun show :P so I finally watched Juno, and oh my goooosh it was so good. I really loved it...I hope she wins that oscar, this film deserves maximum recognition. aand I saw Persepolis tooo...and amelie, this week has been good for films hehe xxx

Banana Raccoon said...

Hey there!

Isn't Juno lovely? I really loved the second half, with more focus on Jennifer Garner and Ellen Page's maternal mood swings. Some of the parts where they were saying "for shizz" got a bit annoying, but the second half was really moving.

And Ellen Page is my favourite of the nominees. Julie Christie seemed ordinary compared to her!

Right now I'm listening to Elergy for Dunkirk on my iPod and planning the next blog post.

Oh, and before I forget, I have a few questions for you
1) Which modules are you taking for Maths AS? I know C1, C2 and FP1 are compulsory, but what are you doing for your applied modules?

[I did M1, S1 and D1. I hate D1 with a passion, it is seriously evil.]


2) What football team do you support (if any) and will you support a team in Euro 2008?

Kayleigh said...

I haven't seen Skins *shame* I really should because it's what our yearbook cover is based on. It was that or High School Musical!

Banana Raccoon said...

It's a good show, Kayleigh. I mean, admittedly, it's choc-a-bloc of smug kids that I really couldn't sympathise with, but it's fun to just watch and laugh.

Banana Raccoon said...

And High School Musical is somewhat of a "cultural" phenomenon around my school too... *sighs*

Anonymous said...

No bungs then?

Banana Raccoon said...

No. No bungs.