Wednesday, January 09, 2008

What’s Hot and What’s Not.

Blatantly stolen from like, every single women’s magazine out there, but it’s too fun not to do! Quite a lot of TV entries too.

- James Mason. Having seen two films of his last week, I’ve rediscovered one of the greatest actors of the classic era.
- Jonathan Creek. I got the entire Seasons 1-4 & Christmas specials boxset for Christmas, and it is without a doubt, one of the most gripping things I have ever seen. Every episode, there is a seemingly impossible crime committed (usually murder), and Jonathan Creek, a man who works as a magician’s aide, comes up with the explanations for them. I couldn’t do it any justice by reeling off the plot summaries, but it really is cerebral, witty and entertaining as hell. One of the finest shows ever.
- BBC’s The Office. Something else I got for Christmas, and it’s cringingly good. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant are comedy geniuses! David Brent is one of the finest creations ever, watching him fumble his way through work with his mixture of non-PC and trying hard to be cool really makes me laugh; but the greatest thing about the show surely has to be the romance between Tim and Dawn, which is downplayed a lot but extremely beautiful. That kiss is extremely satisfying.
- Damages, the new legal drama from the US. Granted, I’ve only seen one episode, but it’s thrilling stuff. Rose Byrne is pretty and talented (tres rare) And it has Tate Donavan! (he did the voice of Hercules… blush blush)
- The word “fractious”. I think it describes my mood at school this week quite well.
- Radio 1 Livelounge. As I mentioned a while ago, I brought the Second volume, an for Christmas I got the first volume too. The acoustic versions of popular songs are terrific! Some of my favourites include Umbrella by Biffy Clyro, The Fratteli’s acoustic version of their own Chelsea Dagger, Rehab sung by Paulo Nutini, Stronger covered by 30 Seconds to Mars, Madonna’s Hung Up covered by The Enemy, to name but a few. Keane doing Beyonce in Bootylicious is absolute quality.
- Ben + Jerry’s chocolate brownie flavoured ice cream. Yum.
- Four of the BAFTA’s Rising star nominees: Shia Labeouf, Tang Wei, Ellen Page, and Sam Riley.

- No Golden Globes. I support the writers and everything, but couldn’t there be another way? The audience are being deprived of entertainment!
- People who ask you a certain question even though they already know the answer, just so that they can gloat at you.
- Chris Finch, a character from UK’s The Office. A thoroughly vile piece of work. I know he’s only a TV character and not real, but I really despise him.
- Britney Spears. You’re beyond passé, love.
- My local “cinema” (read: hole that are still broadcasting all of 2007’s summer blockbusters) isn’t showing The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford! I don’t have the time or the money to travel into the city to watch it, and methinks that a download of this movie wouldn’t do my viewing of it justice. So, living in the crummy area that I do, I shall have to postpone my viewing of (what I imagine to be) one of my favourites of 2007.
- Sienna Miller also got nominated for BAFTA’s Rising Star Award. I mean, eww. I know she’s quite pretty and that, but I find her kind of annoying. (come to think about it, that may just play a part in why I found her kind of annoying).
- No DGA nomination for Joe Wright. Does this mean Atonement might not get nominated for Best Film come Oscar time?

So, that's me.


Catherine said...

What's Hot:

- US Primaries. I love this time of year. With the elections and the Oscars, I've enough distractions to occupy me until November. Edwards '08!
- The scores to There Will Be Blood and The Assassination of Jesse James.
- Damages. Glenn Close = childhood nightmares.
- Coffee.
- The I'm Not There soundtrack.
- Ugly Betty Season One on dvd and the return of Desperate Housewives (last night's opening episode was, surprisingly, great. Felt like a return to Season One form.
- Laura Barton's music writing in The Guardian.
- 4 Months, 3 Weeks, 2 Days opening on Friday.

What's Not

- Continuous reminders that the mocks are coming up.
- Too. Much. Homework.
- The new Magnetic Fields album.

Luke said...

Sorry, but people need to leave Britney alone. She can't be blamed for the constant tabloid attention and media intrusion on her life. Yes, it's part of being a celebrity, but it gets to a point where it becomes predictable and boring to pick on the same person, especially when it's because they're having problems. Career-wise, she's still selling CDs, so how that's "beyond passé" I have no idea.

Luke said...

Oh, and what is hot: Hillary Clinton jumping back into the game. Take that, Obama!

RC said...

joe wrights exclusions (and gilroy's inclusion) were interesting to me.

it's hard to tell how atonement is going to do oscar time...will it be a lot or a little? time will tell as it seems like there's been a major backlash.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the backlash for Atonement is hurting it a lot, and there's especially no love for the actors. Too much buildup.

Just a girl said...

What? What? What? Do mine eyes deceive me? No nomination for Joe Wright? What is the world coming too?!

What's hot:
Film adaptations of books (eg No Country for Old Men, Atonement, I am Legend, etc)
The weather
On The Road, a christmas present which I am reading and loving
Re-runs of Grey's Anatomy (because I haven't seen the latest season)
The beach & bikinis
The new Claire Bowditch CD

What's not:
University admissions
Flooding up in QLD
The drought
Waiting to see Enchanted
TV shows taking time off over summer; what do they think this is, a holiday?!
Mosquitoes and flies
Sunburn & peeling (an almost inevitable consequence of the beach)

Just a girl

Just a girl said...
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Kayleigh said...


* The Avenue Q soundtrack. Songs about porn, racism, sex and puppets are always fun!
* My iPod. It's gonna be so much fun filling 80GB.
* Joaquin Phoenix's speech at the People's Choice Awards. So cute!
* The fact that a story I'm writing has 16 great comments so far - great ego/confidence boost!
* Discussing Harry Potter with my friend at school and our plans to name our children after the Malfoys :D


* The lack of Golden Globes.
*Something involving my sister.
* Scar Jo being cast as Mary, Queen of Scots - a role originally given to the much better Bryce Dallas Howard.
* Dan Radcliffe being given the role in the Dan Eldon biopic when Heath Ledger and Joaquin were in the line-up. Why would you choose that twat over 2 oscar nominated, amazing actors? Just sick...
* The upcoming prelims...eek.

The Traipsing Gypsy said...

Sorry I haven't been here for a while, was sick in bed. Feeling better now, but my face itches like crazy. How've you been?

What's Hot:
- Damages.
- Heroes season 2.
- Coffee.
- Reruns of The OC, Desperate Housewives, CSI and Heroes season 1.
- Ugly Betty Season One. Can't wait for season 2.
-The Amazing Race Asia.
-Juliano Belletti.

What's Not:
- Being sick.
- Homework and tests.
- Medications I'm taking. It makes my face splotchy and I've got red marks on my face. Not exactly pretty.
- The weather. Absolutely horrible weather now.
-Britney Spears. On one hand I feel sorry for her, on the other hand I feel like she brought it on to herself, so no love for her.

WatchingStar said...


More Extras (Christmas special yay!)

Watching old favourite shows again.

Having a nice newly painted lounge room to watch them in.

Having my own motorbike gear that actually fits!


Tennis on t...zzzzzz

Piano lessons begin again in our house

Trying to quit my unstaffed, little hours yet easy, fun job.

The Writers Strike- flamin' kiss and pay up.

Emma said...

I've been OK, I've tried to cut down internet time though, cos of exams and stuff. :(

And Beletti is sooooooooooo cute! And his goal was a beaut!