Monday, January 28, 2008

Ruby Dee? Nah.

I saw American Gangster and she was literally in like, a, scene!!! She had that good confrontation with Washington but that was it. Simply nominating her, let alone giving her the SAG is a joke.


Aside from that, it was pretty predictable, with Day-Lewis, Christie and Bardem stamping their names on the Oscar statue. Cate Blanchett, unfortunately, will win the Oscar.


Luke said...

"I will leave you!!!"

Strong? Yes. Touching? Yes. Top ten worthy? Um, no.

Maynard and or Lando and or Bada and or Patrick said...

If Blanchett loses it will be the biggest mistake of the year.

Just a girl said...

Hey Emma,

Did you like American Gangster? I thought it was very good. Just saw Juno on the weekend and absolutely loved it, Ellen Page is fantastic. Love your header. Hoping to buy the sountrack soon.

Just a girl

Cal said...

I agree! I'm thinking of creating some kind of rally in which we protest against even the possibility of Ruby Dee winning for a 5 minute cameo in which she does hardly anything. Are you in?

Emma said...

@ Cal.

I'm in!