Saturday, January 19, 2008

Obscure crushes.

I’ve finally got round to watching Juno (really liked it, full comments will come on my weekly screening log on Monday), and as I predicted, thought Michael Cera to be beyond lovely. He is very underrated in the looks department, more girls need to get a crush on him and stop fancying Daniel “Romancer of the Horses” Radcliffe.

So I thought I’d put the question forward – which movie people do you consider cute/fit/handsome, but the majority would disagree with you, or have never heard of?

Here are mine:
- James Mason. It was his turn as a bad-guy-gone-good due to his love for a woman in The Reckless Moment that did it, but he was pretty darn sexy as Humbert Humbert too.

- Tate Donavan. Not too embarrassing I guess, he’s OK looking for a middle-aged bloke in Damages and The OC, but I have to admit that I only really noticed him after realising he did the voice of Hercules. We’ll leave it there.

- The History Boys that are Samuel Barnett, Dominic Cooper and Stephen Campbell Moore. Samuel Barnett was so sweet in his performance, you just wanted to give him a huge hug, Dominic Cooper was the right side of suave and cocky and Stephen Campbell Moore made me want to pick up a History book again.

- The Capote Boys, aka Bennett Miller (director), Dan Futterman (writer) and Clifton Collins Jr (he played Perry Smith.) Bennett Miller is one of the sexiest curly-haired men I’ve seen, during the Oscar season 2006, I used to watch any interviews with him intently just to gawp. Dan Futterman is not only cute as a button but also multitalented – he acts too (he appeared in weird drama Urbania and was adorable in the Fagmilion thingy in Will & Grace, a terrific play on the musical with Dan as the Audrey Hepburn of sorts), and Clifton Collins Jr just really evoked sympathy for a bad person.

- Martin Freeman, chiefly for his portrayal of Tim in The Office. Tim really is the nicest guy on the planet, and I just adored him. His cleverness and good personality is accentuated by David Brent and Chris Finch's twatiness. His loyalty to fellow worker in Wernam Hogg, Dawn, is really sweet. Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant drag out their getting together over two years, but I'm glad they finally find true love.

- Tim Robbins. As with Freeman, this is mainly due to the fact that he played Andy in The Shawshank Redemption. He had a lovely, knowing smile. And it doesn’t hurt that he’s tall! Tim wasn’t too bad looking around the 90s generally, though he is kinda craggy now. (But a terrific actor, mind).

- Ethan Hawke. Probably not that obscure, but I definitely consider him an underrated looker, and would recommend him for eye candy pleasure, especially having watched Before the Devil Knows You're Dead yesterday. Shia Labeouf in the same zone - very hot, probably viewed as hot by most girls, but needs to be perved over more! He was even more fun to watch in the Transformers movie than the robots.

- Matthew Perry. He’s escaped off the radar somewhat, but when he was Chandler Bing, his jokes always made me smile.
- John Hannah. Nearly forgot him, cute British actor who either plays the annoynig sidekick role, or nice guy.

And of course, we can’t forget…

My Rupert. Big blue eyes, ginger hair, lanky, goofy, and happens to play one of my favourite characters of all time. Emma Watson, get your claws off him!

Crushes are cool!

So, that’s me! Who are your “obscure” crushes?


Besty said...

Penelope Ann Miller
Alexis Bledel
Anne Baxter
Marion Cotillard
Laura Harring
Michelle Monaghan
Gene Tierney

Besty said...


you fancy Hercules!

*pisses self laughing*

Emma said...

That's a bit of a copout, loadsa men fancy Cotillard, Monaghan and esp. Harring, so you haven't answered truthfully. And Gene Tierney is beautiful, anyone can see that.

So tell me the truth, your embarrassing ones!

I so don't fancy Hercules! Shuddup your face!

Kayleigh said...

Right, where to start:
* Paul Blackthorne (was once in Holby City but also in the cancelled show The Dresden Files. Better with his English accent)
* Nick Stahl (Ben Hawkins in the also cancelled Carnivale. Very gawky and geeky but totally adorable)
* Ben Lyons (the movie critic for the E! News network.. He's adorable, likes movies and smiles a lot)
* Alex Kapranos (lead singer of Franz Ferdinand. Tall, skinny, big fringe, lots of ties. Gorgeous.)
* Jeff Davis (American improv comedian who has very occasionally appeared on Whose Line Is It Anyway. So funny and cute.)
* Tom Felton (evil, bad greasy hair, apparently a bit of a chav but I can't stop myself whenever i see him as Draco Malfoy. Why does the horse molester get more love?)

On that note, is it just me or does Dan Radcliffe, when he grins, look like the Joker?

anahita said...

Dan Radcliffe...yeah you heard me. Not so much with the severe haircut in OOTP...but in goblet of

John C McGinley...I KNOW he's a million years older than me. But in season 2 of scrubs...he was really hot.

Matthew Chandler, when I first saw him...*heart stops*

Jonas friends think I'm crazy

The younger side of the gang from the Great Escape. They were so sweet and brave!!

Hugh Laurie...again, a million years older. yet so sexy. As House, yes, but more so with that adorable English accent.

Rupert Grint...although this one isn't so crazy actually, a lot of people find him good looking. Esp. in Driving Lessons.

anahita said...

oh...and James Potter. Not the guy who "played" him in the movie, but the actual character. I know he was an utter jerk, but I'm head over heels for him.

anahita said...

yeah, my mum teaches me maths. I took my AS exam last week, so we've just started A2...hopefully I'll finish it by November/January :D

anahita said...

apologies in advance for absolutely spamming up your comments :)

yeah, defo. maths at uni. I know there's not that many job oppurtunities...esp. if you don't specialise in say finance or stats...but I really love it. And yeah, unis would be a help :) but not for a while, THANK GOD! Your progress, as marked by your blog, sounded terrifying. I'm well impressed by your offers though (imperial!!)

And thanks for the link!! *beams* I'll make one on mine as well, even though it'll be pretty much jus you on it hehe. xxx

Catherine said...

Michael Cera is so adorable. I can't wait to see Juno. :)

Naomi said...

anahita - Completely agree with Hugh Laurie. Though I'm more of a Fry girl. Mmmmmm. Fry.

Brian Erickson said...

Like you, I am totally in love with Michael Cera. I soo wanted to go up to Paulie Bleeker and give him a big hug. Also, and this one is really embarrassing...but Howie Mandel is, if you ask me, beyond sexy (I know, I know: eww).

The Traipsing Gypsy said...

Peter Crouch. Everyone I know disagrees with the fact he is cute.

Hugh Laurie!

I just remembered about Tate Donovan since they're showing repeats of the OC on the TV the last few weeks.

Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing.

Gareth Bale. Oh why does he have to be underaged!

Can't think of anyone else for now.