Friday, January 25, 2008

A Look Ahead to Best Make Up.

I did this series last year, analysing each Oscar nominated category one by one. As I’m yet to see a few of the Oscar movies, I can only start with the smaller categories.

So, on with all the makeup!

The nominees are:
La vie en Rose (Didier Lavergne; Jan Archibald)
Norbit (Rick Baker and Kazuhiro Tsuji )
Pirates of the Caribbean III (Ve Neill and Martin Samuel)

How I did: 0% (forgot to predict it.)

01. La vie en rose
A key aspect of telling the life story of Edith Piaf is in showing her downfall, how her intensity came from a life of extremes, and how her way of dealing with personal tragedies by losing herself in the pleasures she found in not only singing, but also men, alcohol and drugs. The transformation from Cotillard has astounded many but the makeup and costume deserves a share of the winnings too. Didier Lavergne & Jan Archibald not only mould Cotillard into Piaf, her feisty spirit throughout her late 30s and 40s to create delusions of age, but they also capture her downfall. The film shows Piaf as she was in her youth, her adulthood and her last days, and the makeup is totally convincing every step of the way. B+

02. Norbit
Now naturally my intense dislike of this film should hinder my opinion of its make up, but to be fair, I have to say the work done by Baker and Tsuji does merit it a nomination above shortlisted films which included pretty good makeup work in 300 and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. The makeup artists transform one of last year’s nominees, Eddie Murphy (giving a Razzie-worthy performance) into an array of gimmicky roles - from an Ophan to an Oriental guardian, and then to an extremely fat woman. None of the creations are pretty and it’s nothing truly special to the audience after the Nutty Professor but one can tell that time and meticulous detail went into it. B.

03. Pirates of the Caribbean III
I don’t remember the make-up much but I’m sure it was one of the better aspects of the movie, as the makeup artists had to convey battle wounds, fatigue, and paint on the particular features of some of the more eccentric characters. B-.

All in all, not a category that I’m unduly fussed about, and as I'm not a make-up genius or anything, my comments are quite basic; all three films are pretty much equally deserving of winning it.

Who should win: La vie en rose.
Who will win: Pirates of the Caribbean III.
Who deserved to get nominated: Atonement. (though I'm sure that when I see Sweeney Todd, I'll question why the make-up there wasn't nominated.)

This series will get good when I'm analysing a nice category, promise. :)


Katie said...

hi Emma how are you?

Luke said...

I love these individual category analyses! Bring 'em on.

I hope La Vie en Rose wins. Wouldn't it be fab if it won two awards? :D

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Kayleigh said...

Although I haven't seen the film (I have seen screencaps though), I think La Vie En Rose is the only one that really deserves a nomination. I just can't get my head around "Academy Award nominee Norbit." Eurgh...

Maynard said...

You think Atonement deserved a make up nom more than 300 or Sweeney Todd? What was so great about it? It's like saying There Will Be Blood deserved it over those movies. It didn't.