Friday, December 21, 2007

Roger Ebert’s Top 10 of year and my fave magazines.

1. Juno
2. No Country for Old Men
3. Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead
4. Atonement
5. The Kite Runner
6. Away From Her
7. Across the Universe
8. La Vie en Rose
9. The Great Debaters
10. Into the Wild

Alright, even though we didn’t think much of his top 10, nor do we think much of him at all, (he is obsessed with Lost in Translation and Crash, after all), his list is one of the few to contain films that I’ve actually heard of (I’m talking to you, Slant), so I’ll pay it a leeetle attention…

Now my anticipation for Juno, NcfOM and The Kite Runner has simply increased. The latter could very well be frontrunner for the Best Foreign Language Film come Oscar time, and the child performances in it are apparently heartbreaking. I’m surprised to see La Vie en Rose on there, though I enjoyed it and thought Cotillard was excellent, I’ve definitely seen better musical biopics. However, it’s good to see Away from Her, a sensitive little indie that establishes Sarah Polley as a talented director as well as actress. Loving the love for Atonement too, and Across the Universe was a wildly imaginative romance which had the best soundtrack of the year.

I haven’t really seen that many good films this year, and though my official “Best of the year” will come towards the very end of the year once I’ve gone down to the cinema a few more times (or, failing that, downloads), here’s my top 10 so far:
01. Atonement
02. Once
03. Control
04. Zodiac
05. The Simpsons Movie
06. Sunshine
07. Across the Universe
08. Hot Fuzz
09. Away from Her
10. Harry Potter V

I haven’t seen a lot of good films this year.

Oh, and my favourite magazines!

Firstly, I just have to have my whine about inflation. Empire went up from £3.50 to £3.90 (or something), and all the fashion mags are well into the £3 price bracket. It’s not worth it for 100 adverts and the odd bit of writing, especially as most of it’s published online nowadays. Because of that, I only brought 8 of the 12 issues of Empire this year, the most inconsistent I’ve been since I started reading it in 2003. But it really was just getting too expensive, so blah.

Anyway, the list!
01. Marie Claire
Marie Claire is just going up higher and higher in my books. The free gifts they give (a canvas bag, a chicklit book, etc) make great feel-good presents and their style, articles and interviews are all terrific. Plus, in an era where we’re talking global warming, Marie Claire is the first magazine to preach of fashion with a heart. Read some of their stuff here, here and here.

02. Empire
Although their readers embarrassed them with that godawful sexy 100 that still haunts me, Empire is by far my favourite movie magazine around. Approachable, funny, intelligent, and with an array of new features this year, it is the definitive movie mag.

03. Vogue
04. TeenVogue
05. Elle


Kayleigh said...

Ebert's list is surprisingly good and common compared to his favourite movies of all time.
I get Empire too, but the price is so annoying. I remember when it was £3.30! But it's a million times better than Total Film (which i've bought a couple of times for some reason i can't remember.
Have you heard anything back from any more universities yet?

Catherine said...

Empire can be up to 7 euro here!

My favourite of the year so far would be something like:

1. Jindabyne
2. I'm Not There
4. Away From Her
5. Zodiac
6. Hairspray
7. Sherrybaby
8. Control
9. Waitress
10. Once

But I plan to see many more films in the next week or so!

Just a girl said...

Yay for Vogue! I only wish they sold TeenVogue here in Oz; I can only ever get it from Borders, where it costs more than it's worth. One of my favourite US magazines, though, would have to be Bitch, which isn't as bad as it sounds; it's a feminist magazine, and always very interesting.

But honestly, Emma - the Simpsons Movie? I thought you had better taste! ;-) I agree with Ebert that Into the Wild is a wonderful film, though I haven't seen any others on his list. I was a bit disappointed by Harry Potter V, but Umbridge was very good. Apart from that, I haven't been able to see many - good - films this year, unfortunately. The worst would have to have been No Reservations. Evening wasn't great, either. Look forward to your official list! And I can't wait to see Atonement once it's out in Oz.

Just a girl

Anonymous said...

Bung 'em in.

Emma said...

Oooh, how could I forget Hairspray? Definitely one of the most entertaining.

@ Just a Girl: I know it's not the best film ever (extended episode of The Simpsons pretty much describes it), but I can't help enjoying it! I saw it with my bro and we laughed from start to finish, some of them silly laughs, but as a comedy, it's done its job!

@ Anon: Bung 'em in is MY phrase.

paul haine said...

Empire? I would have put you as a Sight & Sound woman...

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