Saturday, December 15, 2007

Kyle’s new album is brilliant!

I thought I’d treat myself to some CDs today, and brought:
- X (Kylie)
- R n B Collaborations
- Radio 1’s Live Lounge, Volume 2.

I haven’t gotten around to listening to the other two in full yet, but Kyle’s album is an absolute delight. It’s been 4 years since her last album Body Language, since which she has had a ferocious battle against cancer to deal with, but Kylie’s pop princess crown stays firm on her head with this delicious offering. Interestingly enough, only No More Rain touches upon her experiences in that department, with its overriding message about getting a second chance in life. The rest of the album is a sassy and savvy collection of pop and dance treats with touches from all over, from Nu-Di-Ty’s Sexyback-ness to sampling Gainsbourg’s strings in Sensitized.

Some were confused and surprised with X and its lack of darkness. One may have expected Kylie to build on her experiences of her gruelling fight against cancer and public breakup with Olivier Martinez and write a few wistful, melancholy numbers, but instead she embraces life in each song, and is irresistible with it.

Though the lyrics of the songs aren’t the best, Kylie does inject her life and soul into each song, branding it with her mark (and it’s slightly saucier than her previous albums too), even if it’s not 100% original. 2 Hearts is terrifically camp and her breathy vocals almost make her Monroesque (especially in the slightly smutty "I'm coming up for air" line). She even does a bit of Robbie in Heart Beat Rock. Elsewhere, Róisín Murphy, Madonna, Britney and Girls Aloud echoes all sound. But at the end of the day, she ain’t trying to emulate these people, and critics who think she’s trying to be the next Goldfrapp are missing the point. In X, Kylie is neither singing her heart out nor trying to set the world alight, but simply producing more of the fun pop hits that we know and love her for.

Kylie’s announced plans for a tour, a 2008 Brit Awards appearance and even an appearance in Dr Who. The princess of pop is back in town, baby.

BBC World Cinema Final Five announced.
BBC4's taste in foreign cinema is a little too obscure for me (of the nominees I've only seen two), but I'm rooting for a Pan's Labyrinth win over its Oscar-stealer The Lives of Others. Knowing the slightly pretentious panel, however, I see them going for the most obscure film as the "best". Watch this space.

And the Advent Calender...
Something really quite special today, Scissor Sisters' cover of "Take Me Out" (originally by Franz Ferdinand.) It's very different from the original, but still brilliant.

Don't say I don't treat you!


Besty said...

Thanks for the song, that was great!

Catherine said...

I've only seen Pans from that list, but I've been looking for Syndromes & A Century for ages. It looks amazing.

I haven't heard the whole Kylie album yet, but "2 Hearts" is going o feature prominently on my Best Songs of 2007 list that I'm currently working on.

Kayleigh said...

Sorry Emma but i just don't like Kylie - never have, never will. Two Hearts sounds like a Goldfrapp rip off and bugs me so much.
But i love Scissor Sisters doing my favourite band, i've had that song for ages now and never get tired of it.

Catherine said...

Hey Kayleigh, on the subject of Goldfrapp, have you heard any of their new stuff? The 2008 album leaked a while ago (the poor band) and I managed to get only one track from it. It's supposed to be a lot more folksy than their last.

Kayleigh said...

Ooh i had no idea they were recording new stuff! I must go and search, thanks Catherine.

Just a girl said...

I heart the Scissor Sisters!

Just a girl