Saturday, September 01, 2007

My Thoughts on Sam Madison’s Top 10 Video Picks.

This is slightly bizarre, but I will be rating the top 10 of a fictional character. Sam Madison is the protagonist of All American Girl, by Meg Cabot, in which a misfit teenage girl is propelled into stardom by saving the president’s life. She doesn’t particularly enjoy her place in the limelight, but the upside is that she falls for the very sexy son of the President, David. It is one of my favourite books, because even though Sam at times sounds a wee bit of a pseudo-goth and likes to whine just for the sake of it, it was still a deeply funny and sweet tale of sibling bond, personal integrity and discovery as well as finding love in the most unexpected of places. I would love to see this book being made into a movie, with someone like Amanda Bynes playing the lead.

Anyway, I read the sequel, Ready or Not, when I was in Wales, which is set about a year later, where Maddie gets the impression that her boyfriend wants to bed her. What follows is a whole lot of rambling and philosophising about whether or not she is ready. Ready or Not is not quite as funny as the first book, but it is still sweet and features some great moments of girl power.

Now, in the second book, Maddie works in a video store, and amidst her top 10 listing, she gives her top 10 films. So I just thought I’d rate them. Because I’m bored.

10. Fight Club
Not my style, sorry. 3/10.

09. To Kill a Mockingbird
A deeply thematic and emotional film, with Gregory Peck nearing perfection as the wonderful Atticus Finch. We need more humans like him in the world. Dare I say it, though, some moments left me a little… bored? 8/10.

08. Heathers
One of the best teen comedies of all time, at times a little too dark for me, but highly satirical with a wonderfully cruel vein. 8/10.

07. Donnie Darko
Jake Gyllenhaal. Yes. The rest, meh. 6/10.

06. Napoleon Dynamite
The opening scenes with the chapstick got on my nerves a bit but after I acquainted myself with Napoleon’s grating voice, I rooted for him throughout the movie. 7/10.

05. Saved!
Great satire on religion, very sharp and witty, Mandy Moore was terrifying and Patrick Fugit (the dimpled teenager in Almost Famous) is very cute. 8/10.

04. Dogma
One of the few Matt-and-Ben films I can abide. 7/10.

03. Secretary
Despite its pervy theme, I never felt dirty watching Secretary, a funny, weird but overall deeply rewarding and beautiful love story. (According to me). Maggie Gyllenhaal is sublime. 8.5/10.

02. I’m the One that I Want – N/S

01. Kill Bill
This movie drifts in and out of my top 100 according to the mood I’m in when I watch it, but even at its worst it is still a massively entertaining and bloody revenge epic, with the best soundtrack in a movie, bar none. And Uma Thurman epitomizes coolness. 8.5/10.


Anonymous said...

Did you like James Spader in Secretary?

Emma said...

Well, I'm not usually a fan of him, but I did like him in Secretary. His character was just so warped and sexy that I was completely hypnotized by him.

Catherine said...

What don't you like about Fight Club? I'm not a fan girl by any means, but you have to admit that it's a well made piece of cinema, no?

Emma said...

Well, actually, when I first saw Fight Club I adored it, thought it immensely cool and that Brad Pitt was da man. But on repeat viewings it just bugged me - the mindless violence, Helena Bonham Carter in a misogynistic role, and the whiny narration, all qualities I don't look for in a good film. That brought it down to 6/10, the faboys did the rest. :p

That said, it was well edited, and, yeah. The editing was good. Brad Pitt and Edward Norton had great chemistry too. I just prefer Fincher's more measured Se7en. The Game and Zodiac are great too.

Anonymous said...

finally! someone else who hates fight club!

Kayleigh said...

Woo i love All American Girl and Ready or Not...i love the whole 'I'm a slut!' scene in the cafeteria after Sam blurts out on tv that she chooses sex!
I do like Fight Club but the book is better for me, i absolutely adore Palahniuk and his nihilistic satirical style (yay for big words!). Lullaby is better and Fincher's best was Zodiac.