Monday, September 03, 2007

Good Films I’ve Seen Over the Summer.

I didn’t quite reach my target of watching 40 films over the Summer, as I unfortunately took to watching a tad too much T.V. (especially Friends, The O.C., Skins and Hollyoaks – classy, I know) and listen to a bit too much music. But thankfully I was able to go to the cinema a couple of times, as well as discover some true golden oldies.

Bananas – 8/10.
Undertow – 8/10.

DJ Caruso’s Disturbia (starring my Shia) was never going to get anywhere near the mastery of Rear Window, and I was even a little wary of all the comparisons that other film reviews had made between the two, but it actually proved to be a highly entertaining movie and well worth watching. LaBeouf is a natural in his role, and his character is easily likeable (albeit a little nosy and naughty – he is restricted to his house after punching a teacher), and there were some genuine moments of tension, without the need for bucketloads of blood. 8/10.

Quite a few critics (including Empire, who gave it 2/5 for some reason) didn’t rate The Simpsons Movie highly, but I had a huge amount of fun with it. Granted, some scenes could have belonged in one of the less funny episodes of the show and the plot was a little far-fetched even for Groening, but, what with the terrific song Spider Pig, some laugh-out-loud moments (Bart’s naked skateboarding, the pastiche of Titanic with Green Day) and some naughty one-liners, I liked it as much as I would have liked 4 back-to-back episodes of the show. 8/10.

Je t'aime, Je t'aime – 8/10.

The first on-screen pairing of Woody Allen and Diane Keaton is in Herbert Ross’ Play it Again, Sam, a fantastic homage to Casablanca and Humphrey Bogart as it looks at love, fidelity and personal development. Woody Allen gives one of his best performances as Allan Felix, a film critic whose wife has just dumped him, and goes through a range of disastrously cringe worthy dates. His neurotic self that was so evident in Annie Hall gets a more than apt test drive here. But the best thing about Play it Again, Sam is how clearly the love of film shows through. 8.5/10.

There are quite a few movies with the title of Heaven Can Wait, (including an embarrassment starring Warren Beatty that’s not a remake of this, but Here Comes Mr Jordan), but the original remains the loveliest. Don Amache captures the philandering essence of Henry Van Cleeve perfectly, and the film replays the women that he has known as courted through his life, though the only one for him is Martha, played by Gene Tierney. As in The Ghost an Mrs Miur, she is a delight to watch, wins the heart of the audience and steals the show 9/10.

Atonement has a lot of components that I look for in a movie: an epic romance, a lush score, Working Title and a talented lead actor. With this and Brokeback Mountain, my faith in the modern love story has been restored. Although I am more than a little unimpressed with many critic’s gushing over Knightley, who was, in my opinion, the worst of the ensemble, all the other cries for Oscar – McAvoy, Picture, Direction, etc., are deserved. Read my extended review here. 9/10.

Ballad of a Soldier – One of the most beautiful films I've ever seen, unforgettable, and a testament to the power of human spirit. 10/10.

And the 3 worst…
01. The Master of Disguise – ugh.
02. Pirates of the Caribbean III - Keira's got a dead man's chest, her boobs were even Photoshopped in her latest Coco Chanel ad!
03. Are We There Yet?


Kayleigh said...

Sadly i didnt get to watch as many films this summer as i had hoped to as well....damn lack of funds...i agree with you on The Simpsons Movie...i dont care what people say, it made me laugh and that was good enough!

Besty said...

"Keira's got a dead man's chest, her boobs were even Photoshopped in her latest Coco Chanel ad!"

Facebook, spenging £100 in one gow and now this? I really don't know why they say you're not deep.

Emma said...

Oi, you. Facebook is a really good site for keeping in contact with friends over the holidays (even though I'm going back to school on Wednesday, but whatever.) You should get it.

And Keira does have a Dead Man's Chest, she's scarily flat. And I read about her Photoshopped boobs in Heat, so it must be true! Blah!


Anonymous said...

you think you've got enough pictures there Emma?

anyway, good to know Disturbia is quite good

clara said...

Gene Tierney is a Goddess, Emma!

Katie said...

Oh yeahhhh I know you like Spider pig

paul haine said...

But, hang on, aren't you always posting pictures of Kiera saying how gorgeous she is?

J.D. said...

At World's End is WORSE than Are We There Yet?!? What the hell are you smoking girl?! Whatever it is, I want it...