Sunday, September 30, 2007

Entertainment Weekly announce their 15 most violent movies.


Now, I'm somewhat squeamish when it comes to violent movies, so I try to shy away from a film if I know it contains scenes of excessive violence, I probably won't watch it. For that, I haven't seen Saw, Hostel, The Hills have Eyes, Irreversible and Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer. But unfortunately for me, a few of the critically acclaimed films so happen to contain violence, and it's just had to be something I've had to live with.

A Clockwork Orange is one of my least favourite films of all time, for the violence against women. Stanley Kubrick is a decent enough director (2001, Barry Lyndon and chiefly, Lolita are good films), but nothing can redeem this piece of turd. It's just one of the most sickening movies of all time, and Alex DeLarge needs to die. Pretentious wank of the highest order, and the violence against women makes it even more sickening.

The "scene" of Reservoir Dogs featuring Stealers Wheel & earcutting is more disturbing that the camera pans away, because, as QT put it, "it leaves it to the viewers' imagination what happens." But that's hardly the only scene of violence in the movie; blood is rife, from beginning to end, and it enhances and accentuates the qualities of some of the characters.

The 15-rating of Saving Private Ryan and Pan's Labyrinth are competely misleading, for both are disturbingly violent. The former features so much gory war violence that you just know that had anyone other than Spielberg directed it, it would have immediately been rated 18, and the latter features moments of such brutal violence - the bottle rammed into the eyes still haunts me, and what makes it worse is that it involves the deaths of innocent people.


Anonymous said...

agreed - clockwork orange the book and the film are both shit

Kayleigh said...

It's a good list but some of it a disagree with - Silence of the Lambs above Private Ryan? I love the former, it's one of my favourite movies but the violence didn't bother me. That's weird for me since i'm so squeamish. Good/bad to see Se7en in there...that exact scene mentioned ruined my life in a small way. I didn't sleep for a week after seeing it! And good to see Pans - the pale man...*shudder*

craig said...

I've seen most of those films and they're not too bad really. Irreversable was fucked up but I would have never considered half of those films as violent really.

As for a Clockwork Orange, it was really about the violence, it was just to show how fucked up he was. The main part of the film was about his rehabilitation and the consequences. The violence was a very small, but necessary.

Ninquelosse said...

I'm a BBFC nerd, the whole classification thing fascinates me. I went to a lecture run by one of their examiners, and someone asked about Saving Private Ryan.

Apparently, it was well violent enough to warrant an 18 rating, and the lady admitted it. However, she said they had discussed long and hard and left it as a 15 for two reasons:
1) the violence is not exploitative or gratuitous. You are not meant to enjoy it, the same way one secretly does enjoy the bloodletting in Saw or Res Dogs. The realism means you don't cheer when limbs get blown off, as you can when watching comedy horrors or whatever - one is rightly horrified. No one could watch it and think its cool.
2) It's educational. The BBFC deemed that it was important for young people to see this film, even at the expense of them being disturbed.

It's nasty, but not unecessarily so - war is violent, period. It wasn't trying to gross us out, it was just showing it like it was.

...this is the third time I've defended SPR this week, and I didn't even rate it all that much as a film...

BBFC site has this to say:

By the by, Saw is nowhere near as violent as you've been told. Saw 2 is horrible, but I was suprised by how tame Saw 1 was compared with its reputation. I'm not saying it wasn't at all violent, but it never felt overwhelmingly nasty in the way Saw 2 was more Dogs-like, actually - with the odd moment of punishing yuckiness, and a troubling atmostphere throughout.

Hope that was relitavely interesting. The whole censorship/classification thing fascinates me. I'm very fond of the BBFC, as they usually get things right. My only ever quibble with their ratings was Casino Royale as a 12A - that was well nasty enough for a 15, and they should have taken into account that parents would associate James Bond with the silly, fluffy action pics. I'd happily take an 8-year-old to see one of the earlier films, and potentially could have assumed that Casino Royale would be the same level of fun. Wrong.

The MPAA in America is supposed to be really corrupt though...

Maynard and Lando said...

You dislike ACO because it's violent towards women... well, so is Brokeback Mountain then. Remember when Ennis grabbed his ex wife's arm? How is that any different?

Anonymous said...

HA you guys are just mad because clockwork orange was one of the best movies of all time, who the fuck if it is offensive towards women it is a great movie and the fact that you deny that is just dumber than shit and you dumb femenist bitches need to die, all of you.

Anonymous said...

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