Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I’ll be There for You.

Summer holidays are long. My school’s holiday lasts between 20th July to the 5th September. I’d been given holiday homework to do during this time, and I even wrote out a to-do list (a proper one), with items on such as “practice violin & guitar” (not done) and “write proper slash piece” (semi-done), but sometimes this Summer, I just didn’t feel like DOING something, but instead, relax, and with Friends season box sets selling at £15 per season, what better way is there to relax?

The seasons I brought were 7, 8 and 10 (see photo), and they’ve just provided me with so much entertainment, joy and all-round happiness (I watched them religiously in the two weeks leading up to me getting my AS results) that I feel grateful to Bright, Kauffman and Crane that I’m gonna blog about the seasons I watched over and over and over again.

Season 7, first 12 episodes

This season picks up where 6 had left off, with Monica and Chandler announcing their engagement. All the celebrations leave Rachel cold, though, as it reminds her of how far away she is from getting engaged, and, in self-pity, snogs Ross, thus stealing Monica’s Thunder. This piece of plotting is quite clever as it foreshadows Ross and Rachel’s looming night together that results in Rachel’s pregnant. Anyway, my favourite aspect of this episode was Phoebe’s attempts to write a song for the wedding,

“They thought Phoebe would leave,
But she just stayed and stayed.
That’s right, I’m here all night,
And Chandler will never get lai-”

(at which, Chandler interrupts.)

Monica and Chandler’s wedding plans form the focus of many of the following episodes, and I do rather like Chandler with his sexy glasses as well the fact that he’s revealed to be quite rich. Chandler was hilarious in The One with Phoebe’s Cookies, where, in attempt to bond with Monica’s dad, he accidentally sits on him! Also in the episode, Monica spends two whole days trying to figure out a cookie recipe, only for it to turn out that Phoebe’s grandmother stole it off Nestle Toll House (which Phoebe had thought was said “Nestle To-looze”.) Oh, and Jennifer Aniston’s hair is stunning as always.

Rachel then gets to have an assistant at work, and being the professional adult that she is, opts for the inexperienced cutie (who she proceeds to lust after unabashedly).

In The One with the Nap Partners, Rachel and Phoebe vie for the position of Monica’s bridesmaid, which involves a competition, with Ross pretending to be a drunken uncle, and Phoebe attacking him. Phoebe gets the job through talking about showering with Rachel, but finally she lets Rachel have the job when she sees how much it means to her.

What follows is The One with Ross’ Library Book, where people visit a spot in front of Ross’ book, and “instead of reading it, they’re rolling around in front of it.” A scene that had me in stitches was when Ross went to complain to a librarian, the librarian saw it as a come-on line.

Rachel’s crush on her assistant Tag finally gets somewhere in The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs, where, Joey, seeing Rachel hug Tag, lets the secret out, and the two eventually get together. This is the episode where they play the states game and Ross is furious at only getting 46 states, compared to Joey’s er… 56.

Food then plays a part in both The One with All the Candy and The One with all the Cheesecakes. In the former, Monica makes some holiday confectionary for neighbours in an attempt to get to know them better, but the plan backfires when everyone becomes hooked on the candy. Chandler picks out his future wife’s weak spot, noting that she became a cook to get people to like her, but Monica’s witty quip, “You wanna talk about getting people to like you, funny man?” really showed him. Also in this episode, Ross buys Phoebe her first bike, only to discover that Phoebe can’t ride a bike (and watching a grown adult fall off a bike is hilarious). However, she does eventually learn to ride, with the aid of stabilisers, which is both incredibly funny and sweet.

The Simpsons’ voice of Apu and Moe, Hank Azaria (who is a terrific actor, but my, my, is up there with Steve Buscemi in the ugliness stakes) makes an appearance in The One with All the Cheesecakes as Phoebe’s old flame David, and in one of the shows’ rare moments of poignancy, we see Phoebe look at a lover that she can never get too close too.

The Rosita of The One Where Rosita Dies is actually Joey’s sofa, and Rachel “kills” Rosita when trying to move “her”. Phoebe encounters a suicidal office worker, and then tries to stop him from killing himself.

Hmm… I’m going to stop there because I don’t want to type any more. But I’ll look at the rest of Season 7 tomorrow, hopefully.

Another show I’m totally hooked by (despite only having seen one episode) is Skins. Yes, I know they’re essentially just a bunch of smug chavs who may or may not all have STDs, but I just can’t help being totally hooked by the show. The kids there have so much fun, way more fun than I ever did, and it both makes me jealous and makes me sneer that they don’t ever seem to worry about normal teenage stuff, like, you know… schoolwork?!?! The two characters who I’m most interested in are a) Sid, and this is basically because I fancy him, and b) Cassie. She’s an anorexic, drug-addled, self-harming psychopath, but she’s just so unique and crazy that I genuinely like her. Not like the main guy, Tony, who needs a slap to wipe that smirk off his face.


Monkey said...

is that joe cole?

and tony is so much more buff than sid, admit it.

phoebe and rachel were the only two who didn't totally piss me off in friends.

Stace said...

I am a Friends fanatic. I own all ten seasons. Watched them many times over. Great post.

Emma said...

Yes, Sina, that is Joe Cole.

And Tony is not hotter than Sid! Tony's a smug idiot!

@ Stace - I used to tape them all off the TV, but it's so much cooler to own them on DVD! I'm gonna save up for all the seasons. Which seasons were your favourites?

Kayleigh said...

Friends has some moments of genius (Ross and Chandler are 2 of the greatest sitcom characters ever..."PIVOT PIVOT PIVOT!" "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP!") but for me, nothing can be as funny as The Simpsons in it's prime...and Hank Azaria isnt ugly in real life...he just drabed down for Friends...:D

Stace said...

Season 2-for The One With the Prom Video and Tom Selleck I feel he was a perfect fit with cast.

Season 4-I felt Pheobe carrying her brother's babies was a genius way to put Lisa's prengcy into the show.

I could go on on but those are probably the top two.

Anonymous said...

Friends, Chelsea, Shopaholic books, jewellry... these aren't the signs of a 17-year-old genius.