Saturday, June 30, 2007

A little experiment.

I'm going to review a film using solely avatars as visual aids. Tell me what you think.

The film I'm reviewing is The Seven Year Itch, by the way.

Whereas the female sex symbols of today include the likes (eww) of Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Abi Titmuss, none of these shall ever reach the level of allure attained by Miss Marilyn Monroe as The Girl in Billy Wilder’s The Seven Year Itch. With platinum blonde curls, bright blue eyes, babydoll voice and perfectly attained figure featuring more curves than a slinky, no man then could refuse her, as no man could today. And certainly not Tom Ewell, who has been married seven years and, when his wife and son go away on holiday, he vows not to smoke, drink, and especially not to have fun with other women. But this is all before he sees Monroe and the eponymous 'seven year itch' refers to the urge to be cheat after seven years of matrimony, with a desire to satisfy one's sexual urges (the itch in question.)

Of course, with the heavy censorship of the 50s, The Seven Year Itch was considered pretty risqué for its time, and now, with societies unflinching gaze and knowledge of all things sexual, the movie seems extremely tame. Furthermore, many lines and scenes from the play had to be cut because they were deemed to be unsuitable by the Hays Office. But The Seven Year Itch, in its original, comedic look at infidelity and lust, is a perfect example of when all the naughty stuff goes on offstage, for the audience’s imagination, which heightens the boiling tension as well as naughty frivolity.

My second favourite director Billy Wilder did a fantastic job creating a film so full of life and vitality. The innocence and flirting are very casual and light, like the Summer in which the story was filmed in. Ewell's bumbling portrayal of Richard Sherman is delightful as his facial expressions and comedy timing are not to be faulted, and conveys his characters neuroses perfectly. That is not to say however, that his character doesn’t get hugely annoying at times.

But of course, the movie is best remembered for the definitive performance of the glowing Marilyn Monroe, portraying herself as a dumb-but-sweet blonde bombshell, and known simply as The Girl. The film's adverts all packaged her as the sexually-endowed girl next door, and the scene where she stands over a subway grate and a breeze blows up her white dress has become one of the most iconic of all time. Giving one of her finest turns, which is, like her characters says, "just elegant," she displays a talent for comedy as well as beauty, which should not be overlooked.

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Katie said...

Nice review, Emma. Marilyn's the greatest.

Do you have an avvy for me?

Emma said...

Anything for you, Goddess.

One for you.
And another.
And another.

Want more, just ask. Specially for you.

t.k said...

Got any pictures for me?

Anonymous said...

Great little movie, I saw it for the first time after it came up as a question on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire!

dave said...

like the new layout, Ems.

Anonymous said...

you like Grint way too much, girlfriend.

Kevin Saunders said...

Another one of my favourites. Marilyn is terrific.

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Thanks for reviews ! I never heard about this movie. The film is looking to be awesome. I will surely go for it.

Sara said...

Liked the Marilyn avator. Yes great movie and worth a second watch.

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Might have seemed risque then, I wish that had remained so as films like this with naivety are just such classics.

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