Sunday, March 18, 2007

A Mother’s Day Treat.

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The “treat” (or not so much), is that I shall do one of my much-missed top ten lists, this one being, in the spirit of mother’s day & being lazy (hence, 5 instead of 10), Top 5 Cinematic Mothers.

01. Mildred Pierce (Joan Crawford, Mildred Pierce)

02. Laura Jesson (Celia Johnson, Brief Encounter)
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03. Ashley (soon to be mother, Amy Adams, Junebug)

04. The Bride (Uma Thurman, Kill Bill)

05. Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft, The Graduate)

Some more goodies: Something cute I found, something that could easily be a family affair.


Anonymous said...

Couldnt't find 10 mum? Why not choose some animated ones.

Katie said...

Blimey, Ballack, Robben and Wright-Philips make one happy family!

Emma said...

I know!! This is my favourite, ever:

jaime said...

Yeah for Amy Adams!

A picture for you now:

He's pretty fit no?

Emma said...
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Emma said...

@ Robben, not JT.

paul haine said...

What? No Serial Mom?

Rowena Julez said...

One big happy family. =)

I am starting to like Ballack AGAIN after so long.

Robben's just adorable. I still am confused on why he poked that Sheffield player in the face. But still, it's Arjen and I love him very much.

I didn't criticise much on Rooney there because I know the mate will read it, and she has already threatened me that if I insult any of her players, she'll destroy the pic of Arjen in The League magazine that she bought for me.

We must protect our darling Arjen, yes.

P/S: That stupid Cristina Ronaldo needs to die. I was writhing in agony when I saw him play last night. He's just ugly.

Reel Fanatic said...

A great choice in Amy Adams, even if she was only a mother-to-be ... there have been very few movies about the American South that are as charming and entertaining as Junebug

Woodstock said...

i shamefully admit that the only mom i've seen from the top 5 is the bride.

Rowena Julez said...

You're gonna love this. Not so sure if you've seen this, but anyways, go here!

This is a video of Jose when he was 25.

And he looks effing sexy.


Oh Jose, you've killed me.

cinefille said...

OMG, I love "Brief Encounter"!