Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Just found lying around on my computer; I think it's my attempt at writing poetry.

The Love Stank Redemption

He snaked around the room, eyeing.
None appeased him.
Fate struck its mighty wand, and struck him.
Juliet walked into the room.
Young, beautiful, innocent.
The crooked arrow of Cupid attacked them both,
And nothing could be done.

They followed their souls
And swum to joy, in spades.
But like everything, it was short-lived.

Like a jammed photocopying, they
Forced the relationship.
Marriage. Consummation. Eternal bliss?

She died. He died.

When the families ran to the scene of the crime, they were greeted with nothing but
Two dead bodies and the faces of each other.
They ended their petty feud.
They forgot about their past.
They mourned their children.

It was a heartbreaking loss,
But if they couldn’t fix it, they had to stand it.

Wrong, just wrong.


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Anonymous said...

Is this anything to do with Romeo and Juliet?

As a pisstake, it's good, but I'd never hand it in as a piece of poetry.