Friday, February 02, 2007

Top 5 Alexandre Desplat film scores.

(In anticipation of The Painted Veil, which I should hopefully be seeing this weekend. Even though, seeing as it has both Liev Shrieber and Naomi Watts, I don't think I'll be able to sit through the damned thing.)

01. Girl with a Pearl Earring
02. Birth
03. The Upside of Anger
04. Syriana
05. Read my Lips

All the way at the bottom...
His Oscar nominated score to The Queen.


And OMG, Towler Road talks Radcliffe in Equus. A word of warning in case you had a nice lunch - don't look. It's disgusting!!


Damian said...

On the subject of film scores, don't miss the Filmmusic Blog-a-thon June 22-25 (al long way off I know, but better safe than sorry).

Rowena Julez said...

I don't like Daniel Radcliffe. I was having breakfast earlier and I saw the pic.

Really, really disgusting.

Dave said...

How are you seeing 'The Painted Veil'? It doesn't open 'til like, April. Annoyingly. And what's wrong with Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber?

This Daniel Radcliffe stuff makes me laugh. Outraged parents are funny.

I'm seeing 'The Queen' again next week and intend to listen closely to the music, which I can't say I noticed first time around. Is it really so bad?

Dave said...

Oh, and thanks for linking me, by the way!

Emma said...

Damien - great blogathon! I can safely say now that I will be there - promise.

Rowena - yes, the site of Radcliffe with the horse is pretty sickening. Almost as sickening as seeing the WAGs spend their boyfriends' money. :(

Emma said...

Dave - My friend went to Malaysia last week and said they brought *loads* of pirate DVDs. I'm just kind of hoping that The Painted Veil is in there when I go to his house on Sunday! :D

Naomi Watts isn't bad, per se, but I find her overrated as Hell, and Shrieber is a little bland for my liking.

The Queen's score is not actually bad, but, for Desplat's incredibly high standards, it wasn't amazing. And also, I can't believe he got nominated for it. Upsetting.

Dave said...

Oh, I see... well, I hope whatever you watch is good.

Well, I suppose that, apart from her good work in 'King Kong', she hasn't really done that much worthwhile work since 'Mulholland Drive'... but then that is such a spectacularly wonderful performance that I just can't hear a word against her. And I can take or leave Schreiber... just making sure you don't hate him. ;)

Hmm, especially since 'Veil' was a Globe-winner... but hey, at least he was finally nominated for *something*.

Rowena Julez said...

Hahaha! I so agree with you Emma!

Oh, by the way, did you mean you hope or you hate to see Chelsea beat Charlton?

Emma said...

I hope Chelsea beats Charlton, of course!! What did I write?

*goes to check.*

Anonymous said...

1. Birth
2. Syriana
3. The Queen
4. Painted Veil

Emma said...

I can't believe I wrote "I hate that..." My typing really needs correcting! :D

Anonymous said...

Yes it does. Look over your "books that I've read" entry, Emma, you've made like 10 mistakes.

Rowena Julez said...

Haha! I was kinda confused when you wrote that. Ignore me, I'm just blur most of the time.

I only like Charlton because JFH is there and when he scored against Chelsea the other day he refused to celebrate and kissed the Stamford Bridge pitch and he still respects the fans and the club.

They're not doing so well lately...I don't want to see them relegated, but at the rate they're going, it's seems that they are going to be.

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats Birth.

jaime said...

I detest that twat Daniel Radcliffe

dan aka said...

I actually prefer his Queen low-brow score to his big, obstrusive score for The Painted Veil. Veil... lacked something. I don't know what. Great composer though.

Miss Positive said...

Not bad...your friend came here and bought pirated DVDs! Haha! The police are beginning to clear up these pirate traders. There are less pirated traders already.

Original DVDs cost us arms & legs. Pirated ones only cost RM7 minimum. If converted to your pounds, it's only like 1++ pound I think. Whatever the real price is, it's a lot cheaper than the originals. =)

Sorry, I'm not good in money rates.

paul haine said...

The question is, when's Emma Watson going to do something similar?

jack said...

Chelsea beat Charlton! Yes! Go Super Frank!