Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Look Ahead to best Cinematography.

On my post-nomination thoughts, the cinematography category was one of the ones that I was truly content with. Completely Best Picture nominee free, it shows that people are actually starting to judge cinematography for what it is, rather than for the film it appears in.

The nominees:

The Black Dahlia
Children of Men
The Illusionist
Pan’s Labyrinth
The Prestige

How I did: 40%. Ouch! I thought that both Clint’s movies would edge in here, as well as Apocalypto. Oh well.

Now, onto comments. I’ve seen all these films, but The Illusionist was seen on pirate DVD whereas the other four were seen on the big screen.

The Black Dahlia (Vilmos Zsigmond)
Good work here, with the cinematography far exceeding the overall film. De Palma’s Hitchcockesque influences show here through the ominous uses of colour and shadow. Some camerawork is quick, with cuts and camera whirls, too. So, all in all, quite pretty, stylish work. B+.

Children of Men (Emmanuel Lubezki)
The cinematography here caught my eye for its gloriously long takes and exhilarating camera motion, the focus always with our protagonist, ensuring we're kept in the middle of world’s disintegration. Hand held camerawork doesn’t usually do it for me (*cough*United 93 cough), but here it worked magnificently. The grittiness of future life is felt absolutely, and by not removing the gross parts – such as the blood spattering onto the camera screen, the audience truly feel taken into the atmosphere created. A-.

The Illusionist (Dick Pope)
As I said, this being the movie I saw on pirate DVD, I didn’t have quite the facilities to appreciate the full extent of its cinematography. The thing I noticed most here was the faded palette Dick Pope gives the movie a faded watercolour look, inspired by the Lumiere brothers' autochrome technique. Anyway, from what I saw, the camerawork was fluid, got you into the movie from the first scene, but nothing totally earth breaking. B.

Pan's Labyrinth (Guillermo Navarro)
Woop! Woop! Woop! Yay! Yay! Yay!


[In other words, my favourite cinematography of 2006. The transitions between fantasy and realism. The beautiful, rich, bold colours. The use of shadows. Everything.] A.

The Prestige (Wally Pfister)
In a film where the cinematography plays a secondary role to the plot, Pfister did a fine job here. Er… yeah. That’s all I feel like saying. B.


Who will win: Children of Men
Who deserves to win: Pan’s Labyrinth
Who deserved to get nominated: Marie-Antoinette


Anonymous said...
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Harry W said...


Stewie said...

The Prestige - I can't remember the camerawork in that

RC said...

i was thinking about the nominees just yesterday...

it's a great list, but they are all so dark.

this really was a dark year for film and you can see it in these nominees.

i don't know, i think Pan's has a chance of winning.

Anonymous said...

I hope Pan's wins.

Anonymous said...

Well done. You went a whole post without mentioning Brokeback Mountain

Anonymous said...

you don't exactly need to tell people you're still at school in your biog. I think they'll be able to tell from the awful writing...

and why do you take posts down? you afraid of dissenting voices? in which case why have a blog?

jaime said...

To the poster above - grow the hell up, please.

Anonymous said...

as good as pan's was, and as much as you may like it, it doesn't deserve EVERYTHING.

Miss Positive said...

Out of curiosity, Emma, how many movies do you watch a week? I wanted to ask you earlier but there was some problem while loading the comments box!

And who's anonymous? Anyone you know? He/she loves to critisize you!

Tamsin said...

Emma - your blog is great. Don't let vicious cowards who hide behind anonymous bitchy comments put you off. (It seems like they don't anyway!) I'm off with my daughter to watch Arthur And The Invisibles today . . . not likely to get an Oscar, but I have high hopes that it will keep a five year old entertained on a rainy half term day!

Emma said...

Miss Positive - I see about 3 a week on school weeks, but on holidays, I try to see one a day. :)

Tamsin - many thanks. They don't put me off; if anything, they get me writing more - and with a vengence!

Matt Agnello said...
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Matt Agnello said...

I wouldn't give the results for this award much credit. "Best Cinematography" goes to whoever people emulate the most down the line. =c)