Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Look Ahead to Best Make Up.

Continuing with the breakdown ala dissertation style at which I’m going to examine each Oscar category, I’ve decided to be consistent and do another one today. (read my thoughts on the Animated Film category.)

Having not seen Dreamgirls (which comes out this Friday), which is nodded in 8 times in 6 of the sodding categories, it’s a bit difficult to dance with many of the categories that I want to. Still, there’s good news – my dad rented Click last night, and I managed to see Apocalypto at the weekend due to the marvels of BitTorrent. So I can delight you with the wonders of…

Best Make Up!

Here are the nominees:

Apocalypto Aldo Signoretti; Vittorio Sodano
Click Kazuhiro Tsuji; Bill Corso
Pan's Labyrinth
David Martí; Montse Ribé

How I did: 67% - I correctly predicted Apocalypto and Pan’s Labyrinth, but I thought that history would repeat itself and Pirates of the Caribbean II would get nominated here – one of the few categories in which the film actually did well. Still, it’s amusing for people to be able to now say, “Oscar nominated film – Click!”

Now. The films.

I don’t really feel too strongly about make-up, to be honest, as a category. I mean, I think it’s really important that the makeup artists get recognised. But it’s not a category I follow all that deeply. I can’t even remember who won Best Make Up last year. *checks on IMDb.* Oh yeah: Narnia. OK, I did remember that. Honest. But I’m with BAFTA on this – I would much rather they had the category as Best Hair and Make Up, because even though sometimes they work separately (e.g., in capturing the Vienesse hairstyles of Marie-Antoinette with Marie’s pale cheeks), most of the time, the Art is in managing to contrast the two.
… Or maybe I just say this because I actually brush my hair every morning, whereas I don’t really bother with make up. :P

I think that was enough rambling. Now let’s see my rankings:


01. Pan’s Labyrinth
A teensy bit of this is going to be bias, I grant you. Pan’s Labyrinth is my favourite film of 2006, so naturally, I’m going to think it’s perfect in every way. But the make up was really well done, from the way the fantasy characters were painted, but really, and more pertinently, the make-upping of the people was as wonderfully done and gruesome. The alcohol bleeding into the stitching – eww – one of the most ghastly images of the year. Grade for the make up: A.

02. Apocalypto
Apocalypto was a film where I was able to give up on the plot, and follow the technical categories – art direction, make up, cinematography, etc. And although I can’t claim to be an expert on the Mayan kingdom, I was still totally convinced by the technical work on the make up; the wounds and maulings looked very realistic and grim. There was a huge crew involved in the make upping of this film, from Hair and Makeup designer, Vittorio Sodano: Makeup designer, Rossella Gregorio: Makeup supervisor, Caterina Sisto: prosthetic Makeup supervisor, Maurizio Nardi:on set Makeup supervisor, and for the large epic scale of the work, I feel that it is probably going to walk away with this award. Grade for the make up: A-.

03. Click
Heehee. Very entertaining film, though I’m sure most non-Sandler fans would probably disagree. But now that I come to think of it, doing to the old and young Adams were both great, and pretty much made up for the CGI, which wasn’t too impressive. Hate the movie all you look, but you can’t deny that the make up was pretty fun and well done. Grade for the make up: B+.

Who will win: Apocalypto.
Who deserves to win: Pan’s Labyrinth.
Who deserved to be nominated: The Devil Wears Prada – Emily looked exquisite. :)

And that’s that. Not a terribly interesting category, I’ll admit.

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By the way, it also struck me: no-one ever watches the short films that are nominated. Well, I found links to a couple of 'em online, for your viewing pleasure:

The Danish Poet, No Time For Nuts, The Little Match Girl, Maestro,

Live Action:
One Too Many, Binta and the Great Idea, The Saviour (Part I) and The Saviour Part II

Enjoy them, and if you have any more, feel free to add 'em. :)


Mandy said...

Love the Pan's picture - can't wait to see the film

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the links Emma. I'm watching them now.

Tom said...

I agree that Pan’s should take it hands down. Srsly good make up

Besty said...

Tricky/funny Date/marry/Cliff scenario:

- Leo DiCaprio
- Jose Mourinho
- Your violin and guitar

Just wondering ;)

Anonymous said...

What would you nominate Volver for?


Emma said...

Martin, again, so mean!! I'd pick Leo to marry, and then I'm not answering.

Freak, I'd nominate Volver for Film, Director, Screenplay, Actress, Supporting Actress, Cinematography, Score and Editing. It's a wonderful film.

Hawk said...

I like these series of articles. Haven't seen Apocalypto, but I doubt the make-up art will play as significant a role in shaping the film as it does in Pan's. I mean, the fantasy section in your film is almost entirely built on make-up... it's quite impressive. I hope it wins!

Hawk said...

(and you totally wouldn't push Mouro off a cliff; what's Chelsea without him?)

Emma said...

Ok, I won't push Jose off a cliff. I don't want him to break.

Then again, I don't want my violin and guitar to break!

Besty, you SUCK!!

And Hawk, yup, I love that Pan's got nominated in so many of the technicals! It almost redeems the crappy main categories.

Emma said...


lisa said...

I've just finished watching The Danish Poet, and it is the loveliest thing ever.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's narrated by Liv Ullman, so it must be pretty spesh.

Hawk said...

Not quite, but close enough. It's just a train ride away...

Emma said...

Then in that case, my sitemeter is wrong and a liar.