Tuesday, January 30, 2007

It's Peter Crouch's 26th birthday today.


Happy Birthday, sweetheart!


Anonymous said...

Have a good one Crouchy

Emma said...

Yes, let's hope he does! :)

Anonymous said...

Crouch sux

Rowena Julez said...

I read somewhere that he's with that stupid Abi Clancy in Barcelona now.

But anyways, hope he has a good 26th birthday =)

Emma said...

I hate Abigail Clancy!!!! I hate all WAGs, but I hate this tramp the most. I wish she were dead.

Anonymous said...

We all do, luv.

Have a good one Pete.

sane person said...

You know his birthdat? okay, stalker

Anonymous said...

I wonder what a "birthdat" is.

Happy birthday Crouchie :)

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Peter!

someone who loves desplat said...

Emma, if I wish this Crouch bloke a happy birthday, will you PLEASE review some Alexandre Desplat film scores? That man is amazing!

Rowena Julez said...

You're not the only one who wants her dead. That stupid, ugly junkie.

I hate all the WAGs. The worst has to be Elen Rives. For coming up with ridiculous baby names, having the worst sense in fashion, and more importantly, for being a gold digger.

Tramp. She's still married to some Jordanian bloke.

She's as evil as Abi Clancy.

I wish they were both dead.

Anonymous said...

Abigail is so gorgeous, Peter is well lucky. It's great to see her getting the exposure Stateside!

Anonymous said...

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