Monday, January 08, 2007

Award/Nomination Ramblings.

So, I didn't actually give my precise comments on all of the SAG and PGA noms. Here they are, with predictions in red.

Babel NS
The Departed Good film, but not one of the top 5 of the year.
Dreamgirls NS, not sure I dare to.
Little Miss Sunshine This film is really beginning to Zummer me off. It's actually in my bottom 10 of the year, and Breslin's performance is the most annoying in a 2006 film.
The Queen
Good film.

Best Actress
Penelope Cruz, Volver Beautiful performance.
Judi Dench, Notes on a Scandal NS, but I really can't wait now.
Helen Mirren, The Queen How did I just know this was going to be here?
Meryl Streep, The Devil Wears Prada Ugh. Love Meryl, liked the performance, hate the overration.
Kate Winslet, Little Children Good, B- performance.

Best Supporting Actress
Adriana Barraza, Babel NS
Cate Blanchett, Notes on a Scandal NS
Abigail Breslin, Little Miss Sunshine Sooooo annoying, and she stole Emily's spot.
Jennifer Hudson, Dreamgirls NS
Rinko Kikuchi, Babel NS

Er. Perhaps I should see Babel sometime son.

Best Actor
Leonardo DiCaprio, Blood Diamond Yay! (even though I haven't seen the movie, it's Leo!)
Ryan Gosling, Half Nelson NS
Peter O'Toole, Venus Predictable.
Will Smith, Pursuit of Happyness I saw the advert to this movie, thought it looked cute.
Forest Whitaker, The Last King of Scotland Good performance, but James was much better.

Best Supporting Actor
Alan Arkin, Little Miss Sunshine No. Bad.
Leonardo DiCaprio, The Departed Excellent, but LEAD!!!! Anyway, yeah, I have him predicted for the win, because, you know...
Jackie Earle Haley, Little Children Decent enough.
Djimon Honsou, Blood Diamond Want to see this.
Eddie Murphy, Dreamgirls Um.
(btw, I am absolutely delighted that Nicholson didn't make it, I really hated his performance.)

Babel NS
Bobby NS
The Departed Nic
Dreamgirls Meh.
Little Miss Sunshine Nope. Only Collette gave a good performance in this film.It will probably win as well. yuck.


Anonymous said...

Mirren is getting so overrated, it's not even funny.

Martín said...

I don't think I could possibly understand your dislike for Little Miss Sunshine.
DiCaprio does a wonderful job both on The Departed and Blood Diamond.
Rinko Kikuchi gives probably the performance of the year in a film I didn't love.

Emma said...

Well, Martin, when I first saw it, I thought it was a C-grade movie, but the hype has just made it go down and down in my consideration.

Simon A said...

I really loved Little Miss Sunshine, but can understand your dislike for it. I have that same thing going with Finding Neverland, and have a feeling something similar will happen with Happy Feet.

It should be noted that I saw LMS in June, at the Sydney Film Festival, so that was before even the US release, and thus before the hype.