Thursday, December 14, 2006

Pre-Golden Globe Hopes and Golden Globe Nostalgia.

This time last year, the Golden Globe nominations were announced. I remember seeing them on the IMDb forums, printing them off, and reading them all through R.S., where I had just gotten my mock back. What I noticed was that a certain little film called Brokeback Mountain had totally swept the nominations, and I set about wanting to see this film, especially when I saw that Jake Gyllenhaal was it.

The rest, they say is history. I saw the movie. I adored it. And I started this movie blog. So, to commemorate the beginning of a very beautiful friendship, here is a still from my choice for the 6th greatest film of all time, Ang Lee's majestic masterwork, Brokeback Mountain.

So, briefly before I go to my next lesson, Golden Globe hopes:

- Lots of love for Pan's Labyrinth.
- Supporting Actress nomination for Emily Blunt.
- Penélope gets a Best Actress nod & Volver sees love.
- Offside in the Best Foreign Movie category.
- A Best Song category devoid of "You Know My Name" from Casino Royale
- No nominations whatsoever for United 93 and Little Miss Sunshine.

What are yours?

Gimme that, and I'll be content. I'll leave you with the Advent Calendar for today and yesterday:



Amanda said...

Well, Happy Blog-a-versary.
I'll check back when the nominations are out to see how happy you are....

Irene said...

Love that bear photo! ;p

Anonymous said...

Hi Ems.

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