Friday, December 01, 2006

Online Advent Calendar of Movie Soundtracking.

I have decided to treat the rundown to Christmas in a true giving spirit, by giving away a song from a fantastic movie soundtrack every day. I am so good to you.

Simply click on the picture for the song. Enjoy!

Day 1


Stace said...

that's awesome you rock

Emma said...

No problem! Glad you like it. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanx Ems.

Emma said...

My pleasure!

Katie said...

Wonderful song.

cinefille said...

This is amazing! I love it!

Emma said...

Yay! I'm really pleased to see peeps are enjoying this. :)

Anonymous said...

There are 12 chapters.

01. So Long
02. The Countryside is a big map
03. Kidnap
04. Don’t Think – Rescue!
05. Orchard
06. Way Out
07. Arriving
08. Inventions, Camping, Teachers and other Students

Chapter 9 - Leaving the Campsite
At 8:30 am, the group got up, ready to leave the campsite. But not without a quick trip round to check that:
- We hadn’t left anything.
- We’d all been to the toilet.
- We had enough water for the trip.

We also had to tidy up the tents. There were two, and the smaller one folded up without much of a fight. But the other one was large and seemed to enjoy acting as a tent, rather than folding up. And to make it worse, it was very wet from all the dew, so no-one actually wanted to touch.
“Seeing as you and Emily H stayed in it, I think you should tidy it,” Emily said sensibly. Emma groaned but walked towards the direction of the
Satisfied, we put on our rucksacks and made our way out.

Chapter 10 – The Field Dude
Several minutes out of the campsite, we were faced with the most curious looking man – white bearded and raggle taggled. Stopping to drink some water, we saw that he looked severely dehydrated and offered him some.
“Here, have some of this,” Emma said, handing over her bottle of Evian.
He drank is quickly, water dripping out from the sides as he wolfed his way through the bottle.
“You look absolutely dried out,” Emily said. “Don’t you know there’s a tap just half a mile away?”
The man stared at all of us with complete disbelief. “Are you… telling the truth?” he asked slowly, sizing each one of us out, staring into our eyes to check whether or not we were telling the truth.
“Show me,” he commanded.
Exchanging nervous looks (the pressure was onto us now, heaven forbid we got it wrong and deprive a thirsty old man of his water), we pointed him in the direction and gave him directions that we felt were hopefully foolproof. He bade us good day and we went on our way.

We had not walked for 20 minutes when we saw him again, sitting near a lily tree, drinking water. Unsure of what to do, we tried to edge past him, for there was something in his aura that made us slightly nervous. But we did not go unnoticed.
“Thanks so much for the water!” he exclaimed eagerly, rushing forward to shake each of our hands. We politely smiled.
“You’re welcome,” Emily H said, “But if you don’t mind, we really have to go now-”
“We’re doing our Duke of Edinburgh, you see,” Hannah explained, “and the sooner we finish, the longer we can spend relaxing.”
The Field Dude’s eyes widened, and it was clear that some brilliant idea was brewing in his mind. He explained to us that this was the perfect way to pay us back for the water – by telling us the secret of the countryside, which was bound to make our route easier.
“What is it?” Emily demanded, leaning her face forward greedily.
He opened his mouth to start telling us what it was, but halfway through, changed his mind. “You seem like intelligent girls,” he mused, “Why don’t I give it to you in a riddle?”

Chapter 11 – Field Dude’s Sayings
Through the fields we saw everything that a hitch walker could have hoped to see – horses (of all different colours), flowers (of all different colours, though mainly grey),
The trek was getting tedious and two of us were out of water. It helped to bear in mind that we were only 3km away from it ending entirely, but

Chapter 12 - The Meaning of Duke of Edinburgh, any chances of Silver?
Exhausted and utterly thankful, we all slumped onto the nearest bench as we reached the end. It was interesting, and quite pleasing, to see that we had come first! But there was no time to gloat. We had to remember what we had been told by the enigmatic man of the field.

He had given us 12 clues:

01. l
02. o
03. o
04. k
05. a
06. t
07. t
08. h
09. e
10. m
11. a
12. p

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