Sunday, September 03, 2006

Top 10 Upcoming 2006 Releases that I Look Forward to…

England this year, it seems, has America beat in terms of good releases. We got Volver before you, along with The Wind that Shakes the Barley, Severance, The Cave of the Yellow Dog, Alpha Male, and the rest. Plus, with thanks to the masterful creation that is pirate DVD, I’ve seen Scoop, which was highly entertaining, and for 90 whole minutes, I didn’t even want ScarJo dead. Go me!

Nonetheless, I see a lot of trailers with all the films I see, and I’ve seen a whole bunch of other film posters, trailers and reviews scattered about on the Internet. And these are some 2006 films that I will totally kill to see. Or, in my case, skip A-level homework to see…

01. Babel
What’s not to love? The Cannes reception was positive, I love multi-linear storylines (provided they’re handled well, not like Crash), it’s being scored by Gustavo Santaolalla, and it sports the lovely Gael Garcia Bernal. I hope he gets a nod for Best Supporting Actor, so I can go all fangirl crazy in trying to buy Gael votes like I did with the lovely Jake Gyllenhaal this year. Fun times lie ahead!

Watch a clip:

02. The Black Dahlia
Yes, I realise it's got Miss Johansson, but I've heard that she doesn't play that much of a part; Swank steals the show from her. But just look at the trailer!

You think that's good? Hot damn, you should try watching it in a 15+ audience with the lights dim... yowza!

03. Little Miss Sunshine
04. Requiem
05. Children of Men
06. Hollywoodland
07. Little Children
08. Flags of Our Feathers
09. Marie-Antoinette
10. The Fountain


Anonymous said...

Little Miss Synshine is Good.

cinefille said...

I concur. You'll enjoy that.

Jason said...

You could have seen LMS this week... but you said no.