Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Top 10... Film Posters!

Bored with the futile top 10s? It never ends, I tell ya.

01. Manhattan
Gorgeous use of black and white to capture the beauty of Manhattan in the image; Artwork superb in illuminating the two people against the backdrop.

02. La dolce vita
Iconic shot, beautifully painted, especially in the blueness of the man. Lettering works the treat too.

03. The Shawshank Redemption
One of the most important scenes in the film glorified with deep orange hues. A great taster of the joys that will lie ahead.

04. Spirited Away
The black background highlights Chihiro wonderfully, a film poster that is compelling in its simplicity.

05. Vertigo
Minimalism turned up several notches. Red for danger, passion, obsession, and the swirls, well, it just, looks nicely freaky.

And the rest
Stand By Me
Apocalypse Now
The Colour Purple
Small Time Crooks
The Truman Show

They expect to sell movies with these? Bleh.
Raise Your Voice
Shanghai Knights
Tomb Raider


MysticFist said...

Nice ones (La Dolce Vita's is fantastic), but WHAT? How could you forget the best...

Both of them, really.

TBP4 said...

Oh silly Hawk. Go "bury" that poster while you're at it. Scarlett's LiT poster on the other hand...

I happen own La Dolce Vita, Vertigo, and regular Apocalypse Now. So good pics! But nothing beats my sad, white-faced Laura Elena Harring (which I have a real pic of Hawk!).

Anonymous said...

Emma said...

Yeah, I had the ones to La dolce vita, Manhattan and some other great ones, but my parents threw them out when I moved up into the loft. All I have left now is a torn Shawshank, a crappy Casablanca, Jarhead and a few others ones. Grr!

jaime said...

I like this one

Trevor said...

We don't want it to end. I thoroughly enjoy this site.

Anonymous said...

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