Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My Love Letter to Pixar.

(I'm really looking forward to Cars, so I thought I'd get myself in the spirit by talking about the genius that are Pixar.)

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Ah, Pixar. Where would I be without you? Your films have all resonated comic genius and are amongst the most entertaining that I have ever seen. OK, so you work with Disney, but your genius redeems that. Instead of settling for boring, sugary Disney messages, you deliver better ones, creating films that strike a chord with adults and children alike. Plus, who can overlook the brilliance required to bring to us the parallels betqeen, say, the toy world and the human world? Underwater and land? And the pictures! What pictures! From the aquamarines of Finding Nemo to the red cape-motif of The Incredibles. With your invincible mix of stunning 3D animation, hilarious writers and the great voice >
actors you manage to secure, I’ll be watching your films for always.

From Best to Worst (or, in Pixar’s case, from fantastic to good)…

Finding Nemo (A). Like, duh. Beautiful, funny, sweet and clever, this is one of the best films of all time.
The Incredibles (A-) Superheroes had never been so interesting.
A Bug’s Life (A-)
Toy Story (A-)
Monster’s, Inc (A-) For all the Pixar films, this I feel is the most "Disney." Nonetheless, the heart is in the right place, and it is just so cute!
Toy Story II (B) Still good, but I prefered the first.

I’m really looking forward to Cars!
And for those who can't wait, a few more things to tickle your fancy...


Sol said...

You liked The Incredibles that much? While I thought that the animation was quite good, all the characters came off as stereotypes to me: from the shy girl who hides behind her hair to the eccentric dressmaker... but I suppose it was reasonably fun to watch while it lasted! I much prefer Brad Bird's The Iron Giant though. Now that's an animated masterpiece.

Emma said...

Yup, I loved it! Agreed that some of the characters weren't as well-developed as others, but I was completely blown away by the action sequences, and I loved the cape montage!

Anonymous said...

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MysticFist said...

My professor got to see 'Cars' and thought it was amazing, so there you go!

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