Monday, April 03, 2006

A medical marvel… or just a woman doing her job? Do we care?

This is my review of Sister Kenny (1946)

Dudley Nichols’ plodding medical drama has Rosalind Russell’s nurse discovering a new, more practical way of treating patients, only to have people ridicule this newfound theory. However, she stands firm by her treatment, known as the “Kenny treatment,” and over many years her hard work finally pays off.

Whilst watching this film, I was trying to think of modern films that it resembles. It has a touch of “North Country” in its portrayal of sexism and perseverance, and, like its comparison, it is every bit as worthy and dull. Rosalind Russell does what she can with her bad script, but even she cannot overcome the unconvincing and downright cheap aging device used throughout the film. She jumps from the age 20 to 40 inauspiciously, but at even older, things get even worse.

In the end, there is the happy ending, we have all been waiting for, but it feels completely tacked on by studio producers, and the speech, given by Sister Kenny at the end, though still relevant today, falters in its delivery. Which is a shame, as the first half-hour had a good premise, a strong female character and some credible tension in the male-female relationships. Such a pity, then, that the rest of the movie spirals into bloated claptrap.


MysticFist said...

You review the strangest films!

james r said...

Can you review something that we've all seen? Skool of Rock

Emma said...

Whatever happened to, "Can you review ____ for me, please?"

Emma said...

I watch crap films.

MysticFist said...

Then watch The Sea Serpent.