Saturday, April 08, 2006

Magic Banana Awards: 1959.

Felt like doing one early for some reason. And I've decided to go back to the old school.

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Gold: The 400 Blows
Silver: Some Like it Hot
Bronze: Anatomy of a Murder
Runners up: Imitation of Life, The Diary of Anne Frank, Sleeping Beauty

Gold: Fran├žois Truffaut, The 400 Blows
Silver: Billy Wilder, Some Like It Hot
Bronze: Alfred Hitchcock, North By Northwest
Runners up: Otto Preminger (Anatomy of a Murder), Douglas Sirk (Imitation of Life)

Actor, Leading Role
Gold: Jean-Pierre Leaud, The 400 Blows
Silver: James Stewart, Anatomy of a Murder
Bronze: Tony Curtis, Some Like It Hot
Runners up: Jack Lemmon (Some Like it Hot), Frederic March (Middle of the Night)

Actress, Leading Role
Gold: Elizabeth Taylor, Suddenly Last Summer
Silver: Audrey Hepburn, The Nun’s Story
Bronze: Doris Day, Pillow Talk
Runners up: Katharine Hepburn (Suddenly Last Summer), Marilyn Monroe (Some Like It Hot)

Actor, Supporting Role
Gold: George C. Scott, Anatomy of a Murder
Silver: Joe E. Brown, Some Like It Hot
Bronze: Ed Wynn, The Diary of Anne Frank
Runners up: Robert Vaughn (The Young Philadelphians), Fred Astaire (On the Beach)

Actress, Supporting Role
Gold: Susan Kohner, Imitation of Life
Silver: Thelma Ritter, Pillow Talk
Bronze: Shelley Winters, The Diary of Anne Frank
Runners up: Juanita Moore (Imitation of Life), Hermione Baddley (Room at the Top)

Writing, Original Screenplay
Gold: The 400 Blows
Silver: Pickpocket
Bronze: Pillow Talk

Writing, Adapted Screenplay
Gold: Some Like it Hot
Silver: Anatomy of a Murder
Bronze: Tiger Bay

Cinematography (Black & White or Colour)
Gold: The 400 Blows
Silver: Ben-Hur
Bronze: Some Like it Hot

Gold: The 400 Blows
Silver: Anatomy of a Murder
Bronze: Ben-Hur

Gold: Sleeping Beauty
Silver: The Nun's Story
Bronze: Pillow Talk


MysticFist said...

Love, love, love Ballad of a Soldier, like The 400 Blows, and that's 1959 for me. And again, you must watch the former. You must. It's not just one of the most impressive films ever made, technically speaking, it's also a moving masterpiece in every way.

TBP4 said...

Oh, Hawk... and we just talked about Pickpocket. Truffaut's ain't too bad either.

Anonymous said...

Ben Hur for everythig

jaime said...


ray said...

Script to Some Like it Hot, everything else to Ben Hur. I mean, man, that was some great movie.