Saturday, April 08, 2006

Item 10: A Hefty Bunch.

OK. This is when my incessant sending up of pseudo-cinephiles backfires. I really want this, but cannot say why, otherwise I'll be at risk of sounding every bit as pretentious. So I'll just show you a picture.

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Looks nice, doesn't it? I haven't seen The Hidden Fortress.


MysticFist said...

Nice. I want that Herzog/Kinski boxset... guess that makes me pretentious too?

TBP4 said...

WAIT! These are all being re-released later this year. The discs are in bad shape... because they were made before the new digitial cleaning technology was available. It'll be a night and day improvement. Plus, new extras and boxes from Criterion. They'll pull these from stores soon.

Emma said...

OK, thanks!

Anonymous said...

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