Sunday, April 16, 2006


As you may know, I think quite a lot of movie stars are scarily sexy. And I don't wanna grow up! 16! Gar!

So to cheer myself up, here are some pictures of Jake "Adorable" Gyllenhaal. Captions too. And I might do some others. Domonic Monaghan tickles my fancy. As does Ethan Hawke. As does...

Anyway, Gyllenhaal first.
Left: at the premiere of Jarhead, laughing at Peter.

Top right: at some Brokeback show and tell.

Bottom right: As uber-sexy cowboy Jack Twist.

Left: asking director Kelly something about Donnie Darko, probably, "Why did I agree to do this?!"
Middle: Getting wet in The Day After Tomorrow.
Right: Cheering up Jen after Brad does the dirty. Our Jake's a people's people, and cares for others. Yay.

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Heartbreak. Sob. Oooh, Brokeback Mountain's out on DVD on Monday! Wehay!

Just to remind you, Brokeback Mountain is out on DVD on Monday! Wehay!

Will add some later. But my mind has already drifted to Dominic Monaghan. Hey, he and Jake should do a film together!


Jake fan said...

Good collection! Join us.

Anonymous said...

You could do three Capote men for the price of one. Like this one has.

Lisa said...

omigod please review Heartbreakers! It's on TV right now and it is so great!

Anonymous said...

Can Turtles really Fly? Happy birthday for tomorrow!

Emma said...

Thanks! And Happy Easter everyone! Sorry, I forgot to say!

By the way, Lise, I saw it. It was so funny. Ray Liotta and Sigourney Weaver were so funny! Jennifer Love-Hewitt was rubbish but Jason Lee was quite a babe. I'll try and find some time to review it later.

Emma said...

Again, sorry for forgetting that it was easter!

Emma said...

Oooh... a Jake site. How do I join?

Anonymous said...

He's not that cute