Friday, April 21, 2006

Deviation Friday: Confessions, Gays, and Silent Hills.

Great week! I’ve been under quite a bit of stress due to all the coursework due in for after half term, but now that I’ve given it in, it’s a relief, I guess. Damnit, I’d better get 7/7 for my Drama development, I spent ages drawing those costumes. And I'm 16! I'm actually still getting presents, and my most recent was a piano/guitar/vocal score to James Blunt's Back to Bedlam. I've been playing a few of the pieces, and though I'll never do the music justice, it sure is fun!

Anyway, I’ve just finished writing an English essay about Pride and Prejudice, and wow, it is an amazing book! You’d think going over a book three times a week would be enough to put one off it, but Pride & Prejudice transcends all that, it truly is a masterpiece. The romance between Elizabeth and Darcy is believable, subtle and beautiful, and it’s lovely to see them change each other for the better to be with each other. There are some hilarious characters too, namely Mrs. Bennet and Lady Catherine, who only enhance the comedy of the novel. Jane and Bingley’s romance is a little thinly sketched and bland, but overall, the novel is a tribute to the sanctity of marriage, romantic love, as well as an early practice in feminism – Austen liked the characters who were kind and considerate, and rewards them with marriage, rather than the mercenary ones.

Which leads me nicely to talking about the film version. I rewatched it recently, and greatly enjoyed it. Director Joe Wright brought with him a gorgeous little visual streak in the form of a quick-moving camera that captures the many billions of colours in the sky at all the right moments. But let’s talk about the most important thing – Keira’s performance. As much as I detest admitting that I was once wrong (I kind of named her performance one of the worst of the year), I now don’t actually think she did so bad. Granted, she did giggle too much and over-acted in some scenes, but I loved the fiery confrontation on the gazebo, as well as the final scene in which she tries to explain her love for Darcy to Mr. Bennet. So beautiful. So yeah, this is my way of saying that I may have been… um… wrong… about blasting Keira’s performance so much. Whilst I don’t think she deserved an Oscar nomination, I would have much rather she got nominated than Charlize for North Country, Ziyi for Memoirs of a Lamesha, or Naomi Watts for King Pong. I’m a mature one, me.

Hey, and LOST IS BACK! It’s coming to Channel 4 on Tuesday 2nd May! YAY! Its one of my favourite shows on TV right now, along with Will & Grace and My Name is Earl (Jason Lee’s a babe, OK?!) Yay! It’s going to be so good! The numbers! The director of Mission Impossible III! Dominic Monaghan in non-Lord of the Rings mode! I’m happy.

Speaking of Will and Grace, I just saw an add for the DVD of Brokeback Mountain (strategic placing, huh?). I thought it was coming out this week, but apparently it’s next. Well, anyway, the DVD cover looks quite different from that of America’s one. They actually have the words “WINNER OF 4 BAFTAs” higher up than “WINNER OF 3 OSCARs,” and why not? I sure as Hell know which one I value more. Aww, I love me some Brokeback. Which reminds me, my dad saw it on pirate this week, and he didn’t enjoy it at all. Which is fair enough, I mean, I can’t think of that many straight males who did enjoy it, but could he not have tried to appreciate it on artistic grounds?

A film that I want to see, but not enough to skip maths revision for is Silent Hill. I don’t play the computer game, but a few of my friends do and they love it, and I listened to the soundtrack, and loved it, especially the tracks “Room of Angel” and “True.” Indeed, I loved the latter so much that I quasi-plagiarised it for a piece of my own composition. Also, Focus Features made it. Another Focus film I want to see is Brick. I don’t want to go all deathcabdan on you and use the phrase “neo-noir,” but it does look like quite a modern noir. With that, and Mysterious Skin, it’s clear to see that the sweetie from 10 Things I hate about You, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is growing up.

To end, a cool little song that is constantly stuck in my head is that one that was specially devised for the Golden Globes. Basically, sing it to the tune of PCD’s annoying little thing. Can’t remember all the lyrics, so have made some of them up. And trust me, it looks cooler with the image. I also might remove it, as it is utterly stupid, but golden-hawk asked.

I know it’s Globe time,
Here’s how I know:
I know we won’t see as
many stars on any o-ther show.

Desperate Housewives (these Desperate Housewives)
Are matched curl to curl (matched curl to curl)
Here is Capote and Johnny Cash,
And his name’s Earl…

Don’t you think that Jamie looks hot to-night.
Don’t you think that Reese has a shot tonight,
Don’tcha. Don’tcha.

Don’t you love that Rusell can throw left hooks,
Don’t you love the cowboy with Heath’s good looks,
Don’tcha. Don’tcha.

Gwyneth’s a favourite. (she’s a favourite)
George could win three. (he could win three)
Hannibal Lecter is licking his lips to taste the success of eve .

This guy’s [Will Ferell] a riot. (he’s a riot)
Funny worldwide (funny worldwide)
I hope this cast that is know as Lost
Can find their seats in sight.

Don’t you think on playing in the robes tonight
Don’t you want to come to the Globes tonight,
Don’tcha. Don’tcha!


MysticFist said...

Aw, that's nice, TheFishUnderwater. But the lyrics sound terrible! Just browsed through a few websites hoping to find the clip with the masterful GG song, but no such luck... guess I'll have to take your word for it.

Oh, and I wouldn't let your dad get away with that (I always make sure my family/friends are able to admire a good film on artistic merit, regardless of their emotional reaction to it). Show him your masterful review! That should do it.

Speaking of BBM, I strongly considered making it my second favourite film, last night... but I want to view it again just to know for sure whether it's actually worth the spot. It was probably just a sudden rush of love I felt for the film... still, it's cool to be one of the few straight males who openly loves it.

*likes the meandering nature of your post*


you're not straight. You admitted you were my lover remember.


My Friday:

I woke up around 10:45. I immediately came online and the shang guy, who was an ok guy until then, decided to be an ass, so I got mad and almost left him an ultimatum: that I would never speak to him again if he continued. I went to school, we were on a 2 hour day this entire week for the "hard-working" (irony) seniors. I wanted to get outta there fast and I did. We did nothing in class, I left and came home to the courtesy of Mr. Borgman. Hey.... the Squid and the Whale was pretty good. I thought it was going to be a slow, meandering, film. It's actually good, no American Beauty or Rushmore, but a pretty good flick. I'm thus here right now and can't wait till the 37 days end... until liberation. Ciao.

Emma said...

Are you straight? I didn't know!

Emma said...

I'm not kidding, I'd always thought you were into men, I don't know why.

MysticFist said...

Uh huh, I'm sure you did.

And Freak, The Squid and the Whale is sooo much better than Rushmore... it's not even fair to compare them.

Ramification said...

I've downloaded pretty much all the new episodes of Lost on bittorrent, the second series is great if a little less accessible to the audience. The show can't maintain the tension and sense of surprise we got in the first series but its still a really strong season.

lisa said...

Hey why don't you review P&P, then? I'd like to hear your thoughts on it.

Ps: answer my language speaking question

j.l said...

I just saw this post and remembered something I forgot to say today - Jason got the latest Hotdog, and it had an interview with Phillip Seymour Hoffman, and they asked him why he did MI3, and he said he wanted to work with Tom Cruise again after Magnolia! You may be interested to know that.

Thing is, I saw the trailer to the film, and it seems to consist of explosions, Tom Cruise running, and Phillip Hoffman overacting, screaming "You don't think I'll do it?" Last time he overacted, he took home an Oscar, so...


Person who dislikes smoking said...

Why don't you compare Brokeback Mountain and Mulholand Drive? Their both about fags like you.

Anonymous said...

My Name is Earl is boring.

MysticFist said...

Anonymous comments are boring.

tyrese said...

That song is so lame! Lol!

tyrese said...

Oh, but Silent Hill isn't. I saw it yesterday and was pleasantly surprised. Video games don't usually act as good stimuli for films, but this one was actually pretty scary

Emma said...

Philip Seymour Hoffman did not overact in Capote. Do you want to get castrated?

Emma said...

I'm sorry, but I cannot get over that PSH comment. Grr!

j.l said...

Like I said on MSN, it was nothing more than a Jamie Foxx like impersonation that got lucky. Strathairn should have won the Oscar.

I used to like P.S. Hoffman, you know. He was great in Punch-Drunk Love and Magnolia, but then along came Along Came Polly and Capote, and all respect vanished.

Steve Middleton said...

So what did you think of Brick?

Anonymous said...

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